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Spring 23 E-Forum Now Available

The CAS is pleased to announce the release of its Spring 2023 E-Forum. This edition has four independent research papers and five ratemaking call papers, including two prize-winning papers, “Nonlife Insurance Risk Classification Using Categorical Embedding” by Peng Shi and Kun Shi and “An Analysis of the Current Saudi Arabian No-Claim Discount System and Its Adaptability For Novice Women Drivers” by Jorge Yslas-Altamirano, Asrar Alyafie and Corina Constantinescu.

Other papers include:

  • “Machine Learning and Ratemaking: Assessing Performance of Four Popular Algorithms for Modeling Auto Insurance Pure Premium” by Sofia Colella and Harrison Jones
  • “Projection of On-Road Liability Losses for Autonomous Driving” by Tetteh Otuteye, Corey Rousseau, Rafael Costa, Jiayi Huang and John Xu
  • “Credibility Based Smoothing Using Ghost Trend” by Joseph Boor
  • “A Trend Model for Social Inflation in Medical Professional Liability by Elizabeth Wellington
  • “An Actuarial Approach to Stochastic Modeling of Casualty Catastrophe (Cat) Risk” by Neil Bodoff, Eric Dynda, Brandon Stevens and Krish Kamdar
  • “The Variability and Tail Behavior of Compound Climatic Normal Conditions” by Queensley C. Chukwudu
  • “The Problems with Equity - A Response to CAS Literature on Race and Insurance” by Joel Atkins

To access the papers, visit the E-Forum website.