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Short-Term Volunteer Opportunity: Capability Model Content Tagging

Now begins the fun! As interested P&C actuaries and related professionals review the CAS Capability Model to identify capabilities where they wish to grow, the CAS needs to tag sessions to various capabilities (content areas, skills, traits) and levels at current and past CAS Professional Education offerings, CAS research papers and articles in CAS publications.

For this 4-6-month volunteer assignment, the CAS PE Department is looking for 12-15 CAS members with certain areas of functional actuarial expertise to review session descriptions, handouts and papers and to select the capabilities and levels of that content. The goal of this project is to have at least the past two years of content tagged.  The functional areas are: reserving, ratemaking, reinsurance, enterprise risk management, predictive analytics/modeling, non-specific personal lines, non-specific commercial lines, emerging risk areas, other (e.g. soft skills). For more information and to volunteer, please email David Core by May 5, 2023.