Exams & Admissions

Recruiting Graders for Fall 2023 Exams! 

Are you looking for an exciting volunteer opportunity with the CAS? The Admissions Department is seeking new graders for the fall for the following exams: 

  • Exam 5 (Basic Ratemaking and Estimating Claims Liabilities)  
  • Exam 6U (Regulation and Financial Reporting US)  
  • Exam 8 (Advanced Ratemaking).  

The exams have the following domains, which correlate with questions that volunteers grade:

Exam Domains
Exam 5
  • Basic Techniques for Ratemaking
  • Estimating Claims Liabilities
Exam 6U
  • Regulation of Insurance and United States Insurance Law

  • Government and Industry Insurance Programs

  • Financial Reporting and Taxation

  • Professional Responsibilities of the Actuary in Financial Reporting

  • Reinsurance Accounting Principles

Exam 8
  • Classification Ratemaking

  • Excess, Deductible, and Individual Risk Rating

  • Catastrophic and Reinsurance Pricing

Graders should be FCAS who have passed any of the above-listed exams. Graders are expected to participate in the grading summit in Orlando FL, November 15-17, and while in-person grading is preferred, virtual grading is an option as well.  
The 15th is a travel day to the site, most of the grading will be done on the 16th, and the 17th will conclude at approximately 3pm (typically earlier), at which point participants are free to depart for home.

The CAS reimburses for travel, and this is a great opportunity to volunteer in a new and exciting capacity, as well as network with other CAS members in a smaller, more intimate setting!  
If you are interested in grading for Exam 5, 6U, or 8 for this Fall, or have additional questions, please email admissions-volunteer@casact.org and indicate which exam you’re interested in grading, as well as the domain you’d like to be assigned to.   
An Exam Writing and Grader Frequently Asked Questions is also available.