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New Questions Added to CBT Sample Exams 5-9!

The upcoming April/May exam sitting will introduce a new essay response question type. In addition, we will now have questions that use more spreadsheet functionality; however, knowledge of specific spreadsheet formulas will not be required. To help prepare candidates, the CAS has added four new sample questions and sample solutions for Exams 5 – 9 through the Pearson VUE/CAS website.

  • New essay response question type – For exam questions that do not require calculations or spreadsheet functions, two new sample essay response questions are provided to show candidates how to utilize the new essay response format. This question type will allow candidates to answer questions directly in a text box versus in the spreadsheet. This is an improvement to the candidate testing experience that we are excited to debut with the April/May sitting.
  • New spreadsheet questions – Two new sample spreadsheet questions, which were recently tested on Exam 8, are provided as examples of how questions can be asked using more advanced spreadsheet functionality, compared to paper and pencil exams.

The full question set with new questions will allow candidates to:

  • familiarize themselves with the essay response format.
  • practice questions that utilize advanced spreadsheet functionality.
  • practice and become familiar with Pearson VUE’s computer-based testing functionality and interface.
  • understand how to work in the spreadsheet format and respond to questions and navigate between questions.
  • understand how full-credit answers could be presented, as sample solutions are included for each question.

The sample questions include problems that generally represent a cross-section of question styles from CAS Exams 5 – 9. We strongly encourage all candidates to review the sample questions and sample solutions as a study resource.

Please also note that while graders are able to consider formulas entered in the Pearson VUE spreadsheets, candidates will not be required to have knowledge of specific spreadsheet formulas to receive full credit. If a particular spreadsheet function is recommended to produce a result, candidates will be given instructions for its use, or a definition of inputs and outputs. Candidates should compose responses and show all work and reasoning to maximize credit. Partial credit will be given for candidates who are able to demonstrate some understanding of the question. Candidates should note that the sample answers provided with the question set are one possible way to answer the questions but are not the only solution that would be awarded credit.

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