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Media Advisory: RPM

WHAT: Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Ratemaking, Product and Modeling (RPM) Seminar & Live Stream Sessions

WHO: Insurance professionals of all levels, including actuaries, predictive modelers, product managers and underwriters. Members of the press are welcome to attend sessions both in-person and via live stream and are asked to register in advance with Kate Niswander, CAS marketing and communications manager, at 703-276-3100 or kniswander@casact.org.

WHERE: Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, Chicago, IL or remotely via the Internet live stream on March 20.

WHEN: March 19-21, 2018. Please note all times are Central.
WHY: To discuss industry trends and emerging issues in ratemaking, product management and modeling. The meeting will consist of two general sessions as well as concurrent sessions. Five sessions will be made available for remote viewing via live stream on Tuesday, March 20. Topics to be addressed at the seminar include predictive analytics, innovation and emerging trends, artificial intelligence, professionalism, regulation and more.

General Sessions

Auto Insurance: 2028
[Tuesday, March 20 – 8:00 AM to 9:45 AM CDT]
This session looks to the future and the changing landscape of auto insurance. A panel of experts will predict how the current myriad of changes will impact the auto industry in the future.

Donald Mango, FCAS, Adjunct Lecturer, Columbia University
Thomas Karol, General Counsel-Federal Affairs, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
Matthew Moore, Senior Vice President, Highway Loss Data Institute
Alexander Timm, FCAS, CEO and Co-founder, Root Insurance

What is Real? Unlocking the Positions of Business Partners to Create Winning Conditions and Achieve Maximum Impact
[Wednesday, March 21 –1:30 PM to 2:45 PM CDT]
This session will help attendees diagnose and respond to the real motivations and positions of colleagues and business partners both internal and external to their professional circles. Christine Hofbeck will share personal stories drawn directly from her professional actuarial career and her participation on the reality television show Survivor.
Christine Hofbeck, FSA, MAAA

Live Streaming Sessions on Tuesday, March 20

Auto Insurance: 2028 (Live Streaming)
[Tuesday, March 20 – 8:00 AM to 9:45 AM CDT]
See above for session description.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Insurance Analytics: Techniques, Technology and Promise
(Live Streaming)

[Tuesday, March 20 –10:15 AM to 11:30 AM CDT]
This session will recap the basic concepts in artificial intelligence and take a candid approach to filtering through these innovations. It will also discuss a framework for identifying opportunities within an organization.

Jason Rodriguez, Data Analytics Manager, Willis Towers Watson
Rachael McNaughton, Data Scientist, Willis Towers Watson

Customer Centric Pricing: Infusing Customer Lifetime-Value into Your Pricing and Processes
(Live Streaming)

[Tuesday, March 20 –12:30 PM to 1:45 PM CDT]
This session will investigate what companies are doing practically to integrate the concepts of customer centricity into their pricing practices. It will also cover the evolution from cost based pricing through lifetime-value pricing.

Drew Lawyer, Principal Consultant, Earnix
Reuven Shnaps, Ph.D., Chief Analytics Officer, Earnix

Effective Collaboration Between Actuaries and Data Scientists (Live Streaming)
[Tuesday, March 20 – 2:15 PM to 3:30 PM CDT]
In response to increased focus on advanced modeling and machine learning, this session will share benefits, opportunities and pitfalls learned from State Farm’s collaboration on various rating model projects.

Jeff Kinsey, FCAS, CSPA, CPCU, MAAA, Research Manager, State Farm Insurance
Jeffrey Rambole, Senior Statistician, State Farm Insurance

Price Optimization (Live Streaming)
[Tuesday, March 20 – 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM CDT]
This session will cover the different perspectives regarding the legitimacy of using price optimization ranging from acceptance to outright banning. The conversation will include a historical view, a consumer advocacy perspective and the current regulatory environment.

Serhat Guven, FCAS, Director, Willis Towers Watson
Wanchin Chou, FCAS, Chief Insurance Actuary, Connecticut Department of Insurance
Birny Birnbaum, Executive Director, Center for Economic Justice

For more information on the live streaming, visit https://www.casact.org/event/2018-cas-interactive-live-streaming-rpm.

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