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Exam MAS-I Writers Needed!

The Exam MAS-I (Modern Actuarial Statistics I) working group is looking for volunteers to round out their writing roster. A Writer is someone who has passed the exam and is expected to have a strong understanding of covered topics for the exam. The Writer may be a top performer from a recent exam sitting. Additionally, a Writer is either a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society, or an Associate who does not plan to take any CAS exams within the next three years.

We are looking for subject matter experts who are familiar with CAS Exam MAS-I, specifically with the following domains:

Exam MAS-I Domains

  1. Probability Models (Stochastic Processes and Survival Models)
  2. Statistics
  3. Extended Linear Models

Writing is going to commence shortly, and volunteers are expected to attend a writing summit September 17-19 in Philadelphia, PA. While a strong preference is for volunteers to be in-person for the summit, a virtual option is available to volunteers who are unable to travel. The cost of travel is covered by the CAS.

If you fit the parameters for qualification and are interested in becoming an Exam MAS-I Writer, please reply to admissions-volunteer@casact.org with your preferred domain topic, and we can provide you with more information regarding this volunteer opportunity.