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CAS Releases Results of Survey on Membership Engagement

Nearly nine in ten CAS members are satisfied with their engagement with the CAS, according to a survey on membership engagement commissioned by the CAS Board of Directors. The 85% satisfaction rate was a 3% increase from a survey of the Member Advisory Panel conducted in February 2020.

However, the average rating of self-engagement on a 10-point scale was 5.5, and the average rating of the perception of overall member engagement was also 5.5, indicating there is room for improvement. In addition, as acknowledged in the Member Engagement Survey Report, there is a known sample bias in the results, since the 7% of members who responded to the survey are likely inherently more engaged than the 93% of members who did not respond.

“I’m pleased that members continue to view their engagement with the CAS as positive,” said CAS President Roosevelt Mosely. “However, there is always room for improvement. We have a larger and more diverse membership with different expectations around engagement and new ways of communicating. It is crucial that CAS leadership remains committed to seek out member input, effectively use this input, and communicate our decisions in a transparent manner.”

The CAS Board discussed potential actions to pursue based on the membership engagement survey results. These include:

  • Increase familiarity among the membership with CAS Strategic Plan, since the plan guides the Board’s strategic decisions.
  • Increase opportunities for engagement on the most popular topics on which engagement is desired.
  • Greater utilization of the preferred ways in which members would like to increase their engagement.

The CAS Board, leadership, volunteers and staff will be partnering to pursue the opportunities to increase membership engagement in the coming year.

Read Full Member Engagement Survey Report

Questions or comments on the Report are welcomed and may be directed to Tamar Gertner, CAS Director of Engagement and Staff Chair, CAS Member Engagement Advisory Working Group.