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CAS Releases New Council Structure to Support Evolving Volunteer-Staff Framework

The CAS is pleased to release its new Council Structure to exhibit the changes being implemented through the evolving Volunteer-Staff Framework, along with a list of FAQs about the new framework.

Streamlining the CAS governance structure, better leveraging of volunteers for their subject matter expertise, and increased empowerment of the CAS staff are among the changes resulting from the framework adopted by the CAS Board of Directors. Additional details of the new framework were previously shared through an announcement posted on May 24th. The Volunteer-Staff Framework was also one of the key topics covered during the recent Town Hall with CAS Leaders; the recording is available on the CAS website.

The Board’s adoption of an evolving Volunteer-Staff Framework affects each of the three levels of organizational governance, including the Board, the Executive Council, and committees.  You can learn more about the specific plans to retire the Executive Council layer of governance and its role in CAS operations, as well as proposed changes to the CAS Constitution and Bylaws to streamline the governance of the Society, in the recently posted news item, “CAS Board Proposes Constitution and Bylaws Amendments to Streamline Governance.”

Council Structure Org Chart

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