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CAS Offers New Tool to Assist in Exam Preparation

In response to the feedback we received from candidates who took the Fall 2020 CAS exams through computer-based testing, we have added a new tool to assist with your preparation. Pearson VUE has posted a blank sample worksheet for candidates to build and practice in their spreadsheet environment. Candidates can find the blank sample worksheet on the Pearson VUE/CAS website under “Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Sample Testing.”

The sample worksheet is untimed and does not require reviewing the exam tutorial. The worksheet is also larger than what is typically used for individual questions. For most items presented during exams, candidates are given 150 rows and 40 columns. This spreadsheet has 500 rows to allow candidates to build multiple items in the same worksheet. Candidates for MAS-I and MAS-II, which are multiple-choice exams, will have access to one blank spreadsheet to use for scratch calculations over the entire exam.

The CAS welcomes feedback from candidates on additional ways CAS can assist in helping candidates prepare for their exams. Feedback can be sent to the CAS Administrative and Customer Service department at ACS@casact.org.

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