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CAS Completes Survey of Volunteers: Key Findings

The CAS conducted its first annual Volunteer Feedback Survey during National Volunteer Week in April 2022. The survey was developed in partnership by volunteers and staff on the Volunteer Resources Task Force (VRTF). The goal was to gather input from volunteers across the organization related to their experiences volunteering with the Casualty Actuarial Society, to determine strengths of the volunteer program and opportunities for improvement.

The Volunteer Feedback Survey was completed by 515 current or recent volunteers spanning across all categories of membership and representing all volunteer areas. The results are generally positive throughout the quantitative survey results.


  • Satisfaction with Volunteering with the CAS 
    • 81% Satisfied or Very Satisfied  
    • <3% Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied. 
  • Satisfaction with Variety of CAS Volunteer Opportunities 
    • 85% Satisfied or Very Satisfied  
    • <2% Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied 
  • Feel Welcomed and Appreciated as a Volunteer by the CAS 
    • 86% Agree or Strongly Agree  
    • <4% Disagree or Strongly Disagree 
  • Have Opportunities to Learn and Grow as a CAS Volunteer in the Last Year
    • 62% Agree or Strongly Agree 
    • 6% Disagree or Strongly Disagree 

The VRTF developed a report for the CAS Board of Directors meeting on August 28, 2022, to share the survey results and provide key themes and recommendations from the comments.

There were numerous positive comments related to the benefits of volunteering with the CAS, from expanding your network, to personal and professional growth opportunities, to how rewarding it is to give back to the profession.

Other themes focused on recommendations including: expanding micro-volunteer opportunities, improving communications about volunteering, more clearly outlining volunteer expectations, offering onboarding and training for all new volunteers, and enhancing support for exam writers, graders, and syllabus work.

With 1/3 of CAS members serving as volunteers, the VRTF is committed to ensuring they feel heard and valued, and will be following up on the enhancements recommended in the survey. The new annual feedback mechanism will help the CAS improve the volunteer experience for current and future volunteers on an ongoing basis.