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Call for Volunteers – Research Access Task Force

Do you have thoughts about how to improve the research section of the CAS website? Do you want to share them? If so, we want your help!

The CAS and partner organizations have developed an astonishingly large and diverse body of actuarial research over the past one hundred plus years. We are now looking for help from volunteers to better organize and present it. The CAS Research Council is seeking 6 – 12 volunteers for a limited duration task force, focused on improving research accessibility. The task force will explore and evaluate the present state of the research area of the website, make a critical assessment of its strengths and shortcomings and produce recommendations for improvement.


  • Inventory frictions associated with locating existing research. This may involve extracting/providing user stories. Prioritize frictions for resolution.
  • Assess opportunities to improve the discovery of new material.
  • Recommend features necessary to address prioritized issues. These may include but need not be limited to modifications to the website and research taxonomy.
  • Potentially recommend an approach to integrate third party research into CAS member experience. This could involve products and services provided by third parties.


Recommendations expected within 90 days. The task force is renewable for up to two additional terms of 90 days to consult and oversee implementation of phase one recommendations.

Skill Set

Task force volunteers should have an appetite to get to work. Volunteers should have the potential to use 2 or more hours per week over the initial term – for example, researching present state, peers’ approaches, and (potentially) software solutions. Mixture of members with and without experience on CAS research task forces needed.


Please reply with a statement of interest and a brief description of what background and skills you can offer by April 15, 2023. The initial 90-day term is expected to occur in Q2 and Q3 of 2023.


E-mail if interested.