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Call for Presentations CAS Annual Meeting

In-Person & Virtual Conference | November 7-10, 2021 | San Diego, California
Deadline: July 26


The Annual Meeting Planning Working Group (AMPWG) issues the Call for Presentations for the 2021 Annual Meeting at the upcoming event scheduled for November 7-10, 2021.

This will be a hybrid event with in-person only sessions and in-person with livestream sessions (for a virtual audience). We are looking for submissions for both types of sessions. 

There will be two ways the Annual Meeting sessions will be delivered:

  • In-person sessions with highly interactive elements (at least 30% of session slot must be interactive) (not delivered to virtual audience)
  • In-person sessions with typical panels or speaker presentations (delivered also to virtual audience via Livestream)

You will be asked to select either session type. If the planning working group believes that a session submission for Option 1 is not interactive enough, we may select this as Option 2. Speakers from outside the U.S. and Canada may be asked to deliver their presentations virtually for livestreamed sessions. Virtual presentation is also available to any speaker in the livestreamed sessions. For the highly interactive in-person sessions, we may require in-person attendance.

As we have received numerous session ideas already, we are looking for sessions in the following key areas:

  • Predictive Modeling/Analytics (e.g. linear mixed models; GBMs)
  • Emerging Issues
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Cyber Risk
  • Climate Change
  • Other (very unique ideas, not already considered)

For the highly interactive in-person sessions, we are specifically looking for the following topics:

  • Business Skills – Emotional Intelligence
  • Business Skills – Leadership
  • Business Analytics – Dialogue with Insurance Executives
  • Climate Change
  • Cyber Risk
  • Data Management – Data management with real data sets
  • Emerging Risks – Working with new risks
  • Emerging Risks – Other
  • ERM – Fine-tuning your ERM Plan
  • Predictive Analytics – Text mining
  • Ratemaking – Working with new risk (practical exercise)
  • Ratemaking – Bias in ratemaking
  • Reinsurance/Cats
  • Research – Test recent research with actual data
  • Reserving

All submissions accepted by the working group will be offered training in CAS Learning Enhancement Process to apply adult learning principles into the content and delivery of presentations. 

The 2021 proposal reviewers will also pay particular attention the following criteria:

  • Informative and relevant, with clear and immediate application to the work of audience participants.
  • Strong proposals will focus tightly on specific content rather than including every aspect of the topic, and will include opportunities for learner engagement.
  • We are looking for sessions that focus more deeply on a narrow topic that will help the audience leave the session with solid understanding and useful applications.

It is highly recommended that you read the entire online Call for Presentations before choosing your topic and writing your proposal.

For ease in submission, develop your proposal content first in MSWord or other word-processing software and then copy/paste it into the appropriate submission form fields. For explanations about any of the requested items, refer back to the Guidelines for Proposal Writers.

We appreciate your willingness to contribute to the actuarial body of knowledge.

Deadline for submission: July 26