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Call for Presentations - 2021 In Focus – Virtual Seminar

July 20-21

Deadline: May 26, 2021 (Extended)


The Casualty Actuarial Society is excited to invite you to submit proposals to our innovative event. Following on the success of our event last year, the In Focus Seminar will be entirely virtual with presenters and attendees logging in from remote locations to attend this educational and networking event. New this year is the reimagined format that further aligns with adult learning principles. Be among the first of speakers that do less presenting and more engaging the audience directly on a variety of current, relevant industry topics.

We are seeking strong presenters who can present on these themes with some suggested session ideas below:


  • Bridging the Gap: Technical Analysis vs Business Strategy
    • Data Visualization & Social Responsibility
    • Communicating to Non-actuarial Audiences
    • Emerging Risks
    • Generational Differences in Approaches to Actuarial Strategy
  • Tomorrow’s Culturally Empowered Actuary
    • Emotional Intelligence/Soft Skills
    • Underrepresented Actuaries Trailblazing a Path
    • Professionalism: A New Lens
    • Global Perspectives on the Revolutionary Actuary

Other topics such as climate change, natural disasters, social inflation, and geopolitics are welcome as long as they relate to the main themes.

Please complete each item in this call as this helps the planning committee to select the best sessions. This also helps you to crystalize your thinking as you prepare your actual presentation so that you may hone your presentation to the desired audience. Please note the committee has the right to request changes to your submission as it relates to the overall program.


  • Each submission will result in a PowerPoint file that can be presented in 15 minutes or less, with additional discussion questions and other interactive elements to engage attendees for 45-minutes or more.
  • Each submission should be able to produce multiple 3 – 7 minute microlearning segments that are aligned with 2 – 5 learning objectives.
  • Each session will be recorded.
  • Each speaker will have a desktop/laptop and phone line.
  • Each speaker meets the minimum system requirements.

If you are interested, please complete this online submission form by May 26, 2021.


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