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Be a Superhero! Take part in the Formula 2023 Virtual Gala and Challenge

For almost thirty years, The Actuarial Foundation has been changing the lives of students through its math tutoring, competition, and scholarship programs. As a former Trustee of the Foundation, I was inspired to serve and saw firsthand the difference that the Foundation’s programs are making. On May 11, there is a wonderful opportunity for the actuarial community to come together and celebrate the achievements of our Foundation. The Actuarial Foundation’s Virtual Gala - Formula 2023: Multiplying the Power of Math & Diversity promises to be an exciting event that will raise funds to support young people and help them reach their potential with math. I am honored to be a part of this event and hope you will join me and the Foundation on this special night.

By participating in the Virtual Gala, not only will you experience an inspiring keynote from actress and author Danica McKellar, but you will also see yours truly enter into a friendly challenge with John Robinson, President and Chair of the Society of Actuaries. I am counting on each of you to register for the Foundation’s virtual gala and make a donation. John and I have each set a goal for donations from the members of our respective organizations. If we win the challenge, John will attend our Annual Meeting this fall wearing a distinctive superhero’s costume. Tune into the gala to find out more!

Each of us can be a superhero by rising to the challenge and helping to make brighter futures possible through math education and financial literacy!

Your challenge can be completed in three easy steps:

  1. Register to attend the virtual gala.
  2. Make a donation during the gala to have your gift doubled! Joanne Spalla, a Trustee of the Actuarial Foundation and CAS member, has agreed to match donations up to a total of $10,000 from CAS members that donate to the event.

3. Help CAS reach its goal of $10,000 in donations so we can see John wear a superhero costume during the CAS annual meeting this fall. 

Let’s all have some fun and rise to the challenge and help make brighter futures possible through math education and financial literacy! Thank you for your generosity.

Roosevelt Mosley, FCAS
Casualty Actuarial Society