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AXIS-Sponsored 2020 ARECA Actuarial Scholarship Winners Announced

The ARECA Scholarship committee is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the ARECA Scholarship:

Christian Evan Chandra, Haonan Li, and Yupei Ma.

The ARECA Scholarship is awarded to current undergraduate students in the Asia Pacific region who are interested in pursuing the actuarial profession. The primary element of the scholarship competition is for the applicant to prepare an essay (approximately five pages) on the impacts of climate changes that have occurred, and of additional changes that are anticipated; describing the potential changes to the General Insurance needs; proposing changes or additions to existing General Insurance products or delivery mechanisms that could help address those needs; and suggesting considerations that should enter into the pricing of those changes. It is the intent of ARECA to invite each of the three winning students to participate in an upcoming local ARECA meeting (or other actuarial event) during 2020/2021. The funding for these scholarships is sponsored by AXIS, part of the AXIS Capital group of companies.

Christian Evan Chandra, a junior at University of Indonesia majoring in Actuarial Science. Christian’s Essay focused on Electric Cars.

Haonan Li, a senior at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China majoring in Insurance-Actuarial Science Bilingual Classes, was awarded the Scholarship for a strong essay about Green Insurance.

Yupei Ma, a senior at Hunan University, China majoring in Insurance, was awarded the Scholarship for a discussion of Agricultural Insurance.

Winners of the ARECA Scholarship were chosen by the ARECA Scholarship Subcommittee. Candidates must be enrolled as full-time undergraduate students at a college or university in the Asia Pacific region, be a member of CAS Student Central, and have sat for at least one actuarial exam. A selection committee of CAS members assesses the candidates' Scenario essays.

ARECA (“Asia Region Casualty Actuaries”) was formed in 2015 as a regional affiliate of the Casualty Actuarial Society. ARECA provides continuing education programs, information and other support to actuarial programs at universities across Asia, networking opportunities for current and future actuaries, and now the ARECA scholarship. For more information about ARECA, visit the CAS website at

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AXIS is part of the AXIS Capital group of companies, which includes global insurers and reinsurers providing clients and distribution partners with a broad range of specialized risk transfer products and services. AXIS generously has provided the funding for the 2020 ARECA Scholarship. Learn more at

A casualty actuary is a professional skilled in the analysis, evaluation and management of the financial implications of future contingent events primarily with respect to general insurance, including property, casualty, and similar risk exposures. A casualty actuary has practical knowledge of how these various risks interact with each other and the environment in which these risks occur.