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The Asia Region Casualty Actuaries (ARECA) Announces New Leadership

The Asia Region Casualty Actuaries (ARECA), the Casualty Actuarial Society's Regional Affiliate in Asia, is pleased to announce its new leadership for 2023. Aw Yong Chor Leong (CL), FCAS, Head of Actuarial of Labuan Reinsurance (L) Berhad, Malaysia will succeed Jeremy Lian, FCAS, as the new President of ARECA. 

The new ARECA Committee comprises the following CAS Asia volunteers: 

  • HK Committee Representative – Janet Yang
  • India Committee Representative – Sanchi Jalan 
  • Malaysia Committee Representative – Xiang Ying Heng
  • Malaysia Committee Representative – Alyaa Nuval Binti Othman
  • Singapore Committee Representative – Jeremy Lian
  • Singapore Committee Representative – Jimmy Molyneux
  • Singapore Committee Representative – Judy Ng
  • Singapore Committee Representative – Jing Yean Wong
  • Thailand Committee Representative - Weeraklaew Kamolphan (Kam)
  • President-Elect – TBC

ARECA is a CAS Regional Affiliates which aims to provide high-quality of localised continuing education and networking opportunities for CAS members, candidates, students, and other stakeholders in the Asia region. 

For more details of the past and upcoming ARECA activities, please follow the CAS International LinkedIn Group. If you are interested in volunteering for ARECA, please contact Chor Leong at