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Actuarial Association of Austria
Actuarial Association of Europe
The Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE) was established in 1978, originally as the Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Européen, to represent actuarial associations in Europe. Its purpose is to provide advice and opinions to the various organisations of the European Union – the Commission, the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament, EIOPA and their various committees – on actuarial issues in European legislation.The AAE currently has 37 member associations in 35 European countries, representing over 21,000 actuaries. Advice and comments provided by the AAE on behalf of the European actuarial profession are totally independent of industry interests.
Actuarial Association of Finland

The purpose of the Society is to:

  • promote sciences related to insurance, primarily actuarial mathematics
  • promote the professional skills of actuaries by organizing opportunities for presentations and discussions
  • to deliver, on request or otherwise, expert opinions on questions related to actuarial matters
Actuarial Association of Norway
Keywords: Norway, International, association, actuaries, Den Norske Aktuarforening
Actuarial Institute of the Republic of China
Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong is the professional organization for actuaries in Hong Kong. The Web Site contains a calendar of events, members' handbook, application form, and other information.
Actuarial Society of Malaysia

The Persatuan Aktuari Malaysia, or Actuarial Society of Malaysia was registered by the Registrar of Societies on 5 October 1978. It is a vehicle by which people working or studying actuarial science can meet and discuss matters of interest.

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Actuarial Society of South Africa

The Actuarial Society of South Africa is the professional body of actuaries in South Africa. It aims to:

  • Provide facilities for the dissemination of professional knowledge and the inculcation of the principles of sound actuarial practice.
  • Extend and improve the data and methods of the science which has its origins in the application of the doctrine of the of probabilities to the affairs of life and from which institutions conducting life assurance, annuity or reversionary interest business, as well as other analogous institutions, including Friendly Societies, derive their principles of operation.
  • Consider all monetary questions involving, separately or in combination, the mathematical doctrine of probabilities and the principles of interest.
  • Apply for, petition for, or promote any Act of Parliament, or other legislative enactment for the betterment or advancement of the profession of Actuaries, if and when it shall be advisable to do so.
  • Exercise professional supervision over the members of the Society, and secure for them such definite professional standing as may assist them in the discharge of their duties.
  • Watch over and protect the interests of the profession, and to take such action as may from time to time be considered desirable with the object of elevating the status and promoting the advancement and best interests of the profession, and to unite members of the profession in South Africa into one general body.
  • Consider the actuarial aspects of legislation, existing and proposed, and to take such action as considered desirable.
Actuarial Society of the Philippines
AFIR was founded in 1986 as a section of the International Actuarial Association (IAA). It stands for Actuarial Approach for Financial Risks. AFIR has as its objective the promotion of actuarial research in financial risks and problems. AFIR members receive the ASTIN Bulletin, an internationally renowned referenced scientific journal. The ASTIN Bulletin is published twice a year by ASTIN, the non-life insurance Section of the IAA.
Asociacion Mexicana de Actuarios
Association des Actuaires Belges
Association of Consulting Actuaries
Members of the Association of Consulting Actuaries (ACA) are all professionally qualified actuaries working in the consulting sector who advise individuals and corporate clients on a wide range of issues. All actuarial advice given by Members is subject to the Actuarial profession's code of conduct.
ASTIN was founded in 1957 as a section of the International Actuarial Association (IAA). It stands for Actuarial STudies In Non-life insurance. However, the scope of its investigations has been enlarged recently so as to include health insurance. ASTIN publishes the ASTIN Bulletin, an internationally renowned referenced scientific journal, twice a year.
Casualty Actuaries in Europe (CAE)

Casualty Actuarial Society Regional Affiliate covering Europe.

Keywords: club, Europe
Casualty Actuaries of the Far East (CAFE)

Casualty Actuarial Society Regional Affiliate covers the far East.

Keywords: club, Asia
Ceská Spolecnost Aktuárù
Colegio Nacional de Actuarios

The Colegio Nacional de Actuarios (CONAC) is a professional membership, government-advising, and independent organization for all the actuaries licensed to practice in Mexico, regardless of their specialty area. Mexican authorities recognize the CONAC as the official representative of the actuarial profession. CONAC is an advisor to the government in matters such as social security, regulation of the insurance system, and management of contingent liabilities. CONAC sponsors an annual National Meeting of Actuaries, where topics of general interest for actuaries are discussed, and a research-oriented congress that focuses exclusively on technical issues.

Colegio Nacional de Actuarios
Av. Patriotismo No. 711, Torre "A", 4 Piso, Col. San Juan Mixcoac, 03730 Mexico, D.F.
Telephone: 525-598-76-90
Cyprus Association of Actuaries
keywords: Cyprus, association
Danish Society of Actuaries
Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V.
Dutch Actuarial Association

The Actuarial Institute, informally known as AI, is the executive agency of the "Actuarieel Genootschap", and as such charged with:

  • the part-time actuarial study programmes

  • the examinations

  • the secretariat of the Actuarial Association

  • information

  • workshops, seminars and congresses

  • permanent education
Félag Islenskra Tryggingastærðfræðinga (Icelandic Actuarial Association)
German Actuarial Association (DAV)
Keywords: German, International, association, actuaries, DAV
GIRO Convention
General Insurance (GIRO) Convention of the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries (UK). The GIRO Convention now offers papers and handouts from the past 30 years are now freely available on the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries’ web site. The archive can be searched either by year, author or subject.
Het Actuarieel Genootschap
Hungarian Actuarial Association
Anyone contributing to the actuarial profession through his/her practical or scholarly activities may become a member of the Hungarian Actuarial Society, provided that he/she satisfies the professional and ethical standards and accepts the Articles of the Society, and provided that the General Assembly of the Society admits him/her as a member.
Hvratsko Aktuarsko Drustvo (Croatian Actuarial Association)
IBA - Instituto Brasileiro de Atuária
Brazilian Actuarial Institute
Institut des Actuaires Français
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
The Institute of Actuaries / The Faculty of Actuaries have been established for the purpose of elevating the attainments and status and promoting the general efficiency of all who are engaged in occupations connected with the pursuits of an actuary. For the extension and improvement of the data and methods of the science which has its origin in the application of the doctrine of probabilities to the affairs of life, and from which life assurance, annuity, reversionary interest and other analogous institutions including Friendly Societies derive their principles of operation. For the consideration of all monetary questions involving separately or in combination the mathematical doctrine of probabilities and the principles of interest.
Institute of Actuaries of Australia
The Institute: provides education, encourages continuing professional development, promotes research and fosters the advancement of actuarial science; sets and enforces professional standards and a code of conduct which embody integrity, expertise and relevance; provides professional accreditation for the protection of the public; and provides advice on the development and implementation of public policy.
Institute of Actuaries of India
Institute of Actuaries of India was formed in September 1944 with the following objectives:

a) advancement of the Actuarial profession in India, b) providing opportunities for inter-action among members of the profession, c) facilitating research, arranging lectures on relevant subjects, reading of papers etc. d) providing facilities and guidance to those studying for Actuarial Examinations.

In 1979, the Institute of Actuaries of India was admitted as a member of the International Actuarial Association. On 14th December 1982, the ASI was formally registered under Registration of Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act XXI of 1960.

A certificate of registration of the ASI under section XII AA of Income Tax Act was received on the 14th March, 1984. ASI is also registered under Public Charitable Trust Act 1950.
Institute of Actuaries of Japan
Today the IAJ is a legal corporation and engages in a broad range of activities, including research in actuarial studies, educating and training actuaries, managing the qualification examination system, and carrying out exchanges with overseas actuarial organizations.
Instituto de Actuarios Españoles (Spain)
Keywords: Spain, International, association, actuaries, ICA
International Actuarial Association (IAA)
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International Association of Consulting Actuaries

Consulting actuaries from across the world first met as a group at a special meeting of the 16th International Congress of Actuaries in 1960. Much of the impetus for this first and subsequent meetings was stimulated by Max Lander and Geoffrey Heywood. A similar meeting was held in Edinburgh at the 17th International Congress in 1964, when it was decided to set up a Committee to ensure that international meetings focused on issues of concern to consulting actuaries would continue to be held every other year on a more frequent basis that the ICA. Geoffrey Heywood was elected Chairman of the Committee, the other members being Messrs. Brans (Holland), Carson (South Africa), Hamilton (U.S.A.), Heubeck (Germany), Lander (U.K.), Melville (Australia) and Warren (U.S.A.).

Keywords: International, association, consulting, actuaries
Israel Association of Actuaries

Today there are about 135 members of the Association, Fellows, Associates and Students. Most are employed by insurance companies and pension funds, others operate private consulting services, and a few are representatives of overseas insurance and reinsurance companies.

From the 1950's until today, Israeli actuaries have been active in international actuarial bodies. They participate in congresses, present papers, publish articles and contribute their share to the corpus of actuarial knowledge. Israel has been host to overseas actuaries and actuarial conferences.
Istituto Italiano degli Attuari
Japanese Society of Certified Pension Actuaries
The Certified Pension Actuaries of Japan, have strove to improve quality and social position and maintain the dignity of certified pension actuaries as well as improve the technique of pension actuarial mathematics and its related services since the legislation of certified pension actuaries' system on September 1988 as an expert in pension actuarial mathematics.
La Fédération Française des Actuaires
New Zealand Society of Actuaries, Inc.
The NZSA is the professional body for actuaries practising in New Zealand. Our purpose is to ensure the work performed by actuaries in New Zealand meets internationally recognised professional standards.

The NZSA was originally known as The New Zealand Actuarial Club founded in 1957 and was formally incorporated as the New Zealand Society of Actuaries in 1976. At the end of 1976 there were 35 Fellows and 18 Associates. These figures as of February 2006 have grown to a total membership of 264. Of these, 142 are Fellows qualified by examination, 101 are student trainees and 8 are Ordinary members.
Ordine Nazionale degli Attuari
Russian Actuaries
Singapore Actuarial Society
Slovensko Aktuarsko Drustvo
Society of Actuaries in Ireland
The Society of Actuaries in Ireland was founded in 1972 at a meeting of all seventeen actuaries then working in Ireland. All Irish actuaries at that time were Fellows of either the Faculty or Institute of Actuaries, and the aim of the Society was to provide a local forum for actuaries to discuss matters of professional interest and to promote the actuarial profession in Ireland.
Swedish Actuarial Society
When Sweden joined the European Union the Society became member of the Groupe Consultatif from 1995.

In 1997 the number of members in the Society is 234 and a quarter of them are women.

In future the Swedish actuary will probably work more in tha areas of profit and solvency testing, information technology, consulting, asset (liability) management, new products in health and long term care.
Swiss Actuarial Association
Le règlement régissant la formation d’actuaire en Suisse a été révisé à l’automne 1998. Pour obtenir le statut d’«actuaire ASA», il faut avoir fait des études universitaires en sciences actuarielles et avoir une expérience professionnelle. Ce statut, reconnu au niveau international, vous ouvre d’excellentes perspectives professionnelles dans le secteur de l’assurance comme dans celui des finances.
The Korean Actuarial Association
The Muhanna Foundation
Ukrainian Actuarial Society
The First National Actuarial Organization in Ukraine was established in 1999.
Union Strasbourgeoise des Actuaries
Professional association of actuaries of Strauborg