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New Members Award

Have you worked with a new CAS member who performed beyond what is reasonably expected of new members? You have a way to recognize this member and let the rest of the CAS know.

The "New Members Award" will be made annually, to one or more members of the CAS, who have made significant volunteer contributions within five years of their most recent credential.

The award works as follows:

  1. Eligibility. Any member of the CAS whose most recent credential (ACAS or FCAS) was awarded within the past five years.

  2. Nomination. Any member of the CAS can submit a nomination. Complete the nomination form.

  3. Criterion. The criteria for this award are exceptional CAS volunteer work beyond what is reasonably expected of new members. Time committed to CAS volunteer activities and leadership positions will be considered. The person making the nomination will submit a nomination form with an explanation of why the Award is merited.

  4. Submission of nominations. All nominations should be directed to the chair of the New Members Committee or the New Members Committee CAS Staff Liaison, Mikey Cafarelli.

  5. Selection. The New Members Committee will review the nominations annually in July and make a recommendation to the President-Elect.

  6. Frequency. The award will be awarded annually. More than one award may be made in any one year.

  7. Timing. The award will be announced at the CAS November Annual Meeting.

  8. Recognition. The Award will include a plaque, as well as public recognition by the CAS. The recipients of the award will also be listed in the Actuarial Review.

  9. Nomination Deadline. All nominations must be received by June 29, 2018.

Questions on this award can be directed to the chair of the New Members Committee

Award Recipients

2017 Winners
Charles Lindberg and Erin Olson

2016 Winners
Kevin Donnelly, Sara Hemmingson, and Walter Matthews

2015 Winners
Jennifer Balester and Dan Tevet

2014 Winners
Jonathan Charak, Michelle Iarkowski, and Melissa Tomita

2013 Winners (pages 13-14)
Brian Chiarella and Wesley Griffiths

2012 Winner
Guillaume Benoit

2011 Winner
Vijay Manghnani

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Posted on 04/20/2018
By Erin Olson

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