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Executive Director
Cynthia R. Ziegler, CPCU, ARM, AAI, CAE
Executive Director
Diane Tremblay
Executive Assistant
Career Center

Phone: 1-888-491-8833
Monday through Friday, 8:30 am EDT to 5:30 PM EDT.
Customer Support: Contact

General questions about posting in the career center can be directed to Cecily Marx. All other questions including issues using the career center should be directed to Boxwood.

Actuaries' Resource Center
Actuaries' Resource Center Manager
Danelle Gee
New Member Processing
  (References, Hometown News Releases)
Membership Reinstatement
Actuaries' Resource Center Representative

Krystal Taylor
Lay Tong
Examination Registrations
Study Kit Orders
Publication Orders
CAS Student Central Application
CAS Academic Correspondent Program Application
CAS Dues
Candidate Change of Address
Member Change of Organization
Data Specialist
Mallory Peebles
Data Specialist
Ashley Zamperini Ashley Zamperini
Director of Admissions

Syllabus Related Issues
Bob CraverBob Craver
Examinations Coordinator
Exam Analyses
Exam Centers
Stephanie Litrenta
Admissions Manager
Future Fellows
Dustin Larson
Education Coordinator
Exam Fee Discount Program
Exam Waivers and Policies
Communications and Marketing
Michael Boa, CAE J. Michael Boa, CAE
Chief Communications Officer
Communications and Marketing
CAS Elections
Katie Hettler
Marketing and Corporate Relations Manager
Society Partners Program
Online Advertising
Advertising in the Actuarial Review
Tamar Gertner Tamar Gertner
University Engagement Manager
University Engagement
Academic Central
University Liaison Program
CAS Student Central
Kate NiswanderKate Niswander
Marketing and Communications Manager
Media Relations
External Communications
CAS Online Communities
Society Partners Program
Online Advertising
Advertising in the Actuarial Review
Arnulfo Moreno
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
CAS Trust Scholarship
Career Encouragement
Actuarial Diversity
CAS Student Central
Finance and Operations
Todd P. Rogers, CPA, CAE
Chief Financial Officer
Leo Sinclair
Operations Assistant
David Sauer
Accounting and Operations Assistant
Meeting Services
Kathleen Dean Kathleen Dean,CMP
Director of Meeting Services
(Meeting Logistics)
Annual Meeting
Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar
Joint CAS/SOA Enterprise Risk Management Symposium
Spring Meeting
Leanne Wieczorek Leanne Wieczorek
Meeting Planner
(Meeting Logistics)
Board Meetings
CAS Property & Casualty Focused ERM Seminars
Course on Professionalism
Executive Council Meetings
Grading Sessions
In Focus Seminars
Limited Attendance Seminars
Online Courses
Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar
Reinsurance Seminar
Online Services and IT
Jennifer Walton Jennifer D. Walton
IT and Online Services Manager
Information Technology
Online Services
Cecily Marx
Webmaster and Online Services Coordinator
CAS Website
Be An Actuary Website
Student Central Website
Centennial Website
Career Center (See above)
Sophie Uy
IT and Online Services Coordinator
Username and Password Issues
CAS Online Communities - Technical Contact
Electronic Signature Authorization Forms (ESAF)
Professional Education and Research
David Core David Core, CAE
Director of Professional Education and Research
(Program Content)
Spring Meeting
Annual Meeting
Enterprise Risk Management Symposium
Research Oversight
Individual Grants Competition
Continuing Education Policy
Vincent Edwards
Professional Education Manager
(Program Content)
University of CAS - Online Education
Interactive Online Courses
Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar
Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar
Reinsurance Seminar
Nora Potter Nora Potter
Professional Education Coordinator
(Program Content)
University of CAS - Technical Contact
Interactive Online Courses - Technical Contact
Limited Attendance Seminars
In Focus Seminars
Cheri Widowski
Research Manager
Research Committees
Database of Actuarial Research Enquiry (DARE)/Article Searches
Research Requests
Karen Sonnet Karen Sonnet
Research Coordinator
Research Committees and Working Parties
Library Requests
Elizabeth Smith
Publications Manager
Actuarial Review
Copyright Issues
CAS Publications
Sonja Uyenco Sonja Uyenco
Desktop Publisher
Donna Royston Donna Royston
Publications Production Coordinator
Variance Journal
Staff Actuary
Rick Gorvett Rick Gorvett, FCAS
Staff Actuary
Volunteering and Regional Affiliates
Matthew Caruso Matt Caruso
Membership and Volunteer Manager
Regional Affiliate Support
Participation Survey
Volunteer Support
Volunteer Awards
Member Advisory Panel
CAS Seasoned Actuaries Section
Mentoring Program
Committee Support
Continuing Education Compliance Review
New Members

The CAS Institute

Amy Brener, PMP
Director, CAS Institute

Joint Actuaries Office - Hong Kong

Casualty Actuarial Society (Hong Kong Office)
2202 Tower Two
Lippo Centre
89 Queensway
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2147 9109

International Relations
Hon Michael Chou
International Relations Manager

centennial goal

strategic plan

The CAS Roundtable

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By Karen Sonnet

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