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Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates for the 2017 CAS Elections.

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CAS Announces Creation of Modern Actuarial Statistics Exams

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Actuaries Climate Index Updates for Spring-Summer 2016

Most Recent Index Values Reflect Continued High Frequencies of Extreme Weather Events

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Actuarial Review, May-June 2017

Included in this issue: Cyber Quandary, Darwinian Theory Meets Insurance Analytics, Research in a World of Change, Special Feature: 2017 CAS Predictive Analytics Marketplace And much more...
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CAS Issues Call for Monographs on Aggregating Loss Distributions in P&C Ratemaking, Pricing, Reserving & ERM Apps

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CAS R for the P&C Practitioner Bootcamp

A four day-long course giving attendees an introduction to R, with the objective of preparing attendees to be able to apply what they've learned upon completion of the course.
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CAS Events

2017 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar

2017 CLRS

Join us in Philadelphia, PA for the Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar, September 10-12, 2017. This seminar focuses on current industry developments where you can learn from expert analyses and innovations in reserving.

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Did you attend a national meeting or seminar earlier this year? Looking for session handouts, event information or anything else related to that event? Check out the Professional Education Archives page.

CAS Publications

Actuarial Review, May-June 2017

• Cyber Quandary: How Predictive is the Past When Future Risk is Unfathomably Dynamic?
• Professional Insights: Darwinian Theory Meets Insurance Analytics
• President's Message: Research in a World of Change
• Editor's Note: Building a Legacy


Special Feature in this Issue
2017 CAS Predictive Analytics Marketplace

And much more...

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Actuarial Review, May-June 2017

CAS E-Forum, Spring 2017

Future Fellows, March 2017

Actuarial Review, January-February 2017

CAS E-Forum, Winter 2017

Future Fellows, December 2016

Actuarial Review, November-December 2016

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