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Fall 1999, Reserving Call Papers
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Table of Contents

Reserving Call Papers

Reserving for Loss Sensitive Premium Items
Brian Z. Brown, FCAS, MAAA, and Michael C. Schmitz, FCAS, MAAA

Study Note on Actuarial Evaluation of Premium Liabilities
Claudette Cantin, FCAS, FCIA, and Philippe Trahan, FCAS, FCIA

Automobile Warranty Unearned Premiums and Deferred Policy Acquisition Expenses
Joseph S. Cheng, FCAS, MAAA

Evaluating the Unearned Premium Reserve for Automobile Extended Service Contracts
Grover M. Edie, FCAS, MAAA

Accrued Retrospectively Rated Premiums by Individual Policyholder Accounts
Annette J. Goodreau, FCAS, MAAA

Unearned Premium Reserves-Change is in the Wind
Roger M. Hayne, FCAS, MAAA

Unearned Premium for Long-Term Policies
Victoria Lusk, ACAS, MAAA

Two Alternative Methods for Calculating the Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expense Reserve
Excel Worksheet accompanying paper
Donald Mango, FCAS, MAAA, and Craig Allen, FCAS, MAAA

Uncollectible Reinsurance Reserves  (Revised 11/99)
Bruce E. Ollodart, FCAS, MAAA

Using Claim Department Work Measurement Systems to Determine Claim Adjustment Expense Reserves
Joanne S. Spalla, FCAS, MAAA

Declaratory Judgment Action Expense Reserving
Lee R. Steeneck, FCAS, MAAA

Premium Earning Patterns for Multi-Year Policies with Aggregate Deductibles
Thomas Struppeck, FCAS, MAAA

A Dynamic Approach to Modeling Free Tail Coverage
Robert Walling III, ACAS, MAAA Additional Papers

Surplus, Profit and Conditional Expectation
David R. Clark, FCAS, MAAA

Workers' Compensation Classification Credibilities
Howard C. Mahler, FCAS, MAAA

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