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The Above & Beyond Achievement Award

Have you ever worked with a CAS volunteer who performed far beyond what was expected of him or her? Such dedication is often unnoticed outside a particular committee. But you have a way to let the rest of the CAS know.

The "Above & Beyond Achievement Award" is made annually, to one or more members of the CAS, who have made a recent contribution which is conspicuously above and beyond what is reasonably expected.

The award works as follows:

  1. Eligibility. Any CAS member other than a current board member or officer is eligible to receive this award.
  2. Nomination. Any CAS member may submit a nomination. Committee Chairs are encouraged to consider their especially hardworking members for nomination, bearing in mind that extraordinary effort can be shown in an assignment of limited scope, as well as on a larger task. Complete the nomination form. (.docx)
  3. Criterion. There is a single criterion for this award: a CAS member, in conducting his or her volunteer activity on behalf of the CAS, has performed in a way that is conspicuously above and beyond what is reasonably expected with respect to volunteer duties and responsibilities completed during the 12 or so months preceding the nomination. In addition to participation on CAS Committees and Task Forces, service on behalf of the CAS may include participation on the committees of other actuarial organizations (such as the American Academy of Actuaries) that reflects positvely on the CAS and benefits CAS members.
  4. Submission of nominations. All nominations should be directed to the Chair, Committee on Volunteer Resources or Shelby Wolff at
  5. Selection. Preliminary selections will be made by the Committee on Volunteer Resources. Recommendations will be made by the Committee on Volunteer Resources and submitted to the CAS Executive Council for approval.
  6. Frequency. The award will be awarded annually. More than one award may be made in any one year.
  7. Timing. The award will be announced at the CAS November Annual Meeting.
  8. Recognition. The Award will include a tangible reminder such as a plaque and an engraved item, as well as public recognition by the CAS. The recipients of the award will also be listed in the Actuarial Review.
  9. Nomination Deadline. All nominations must be received by June 29, 2018.

Questions on this award can be directed to the Chair, Committee on Volunteer Resources.

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Posted on 04/20/2018
By Erin Olson

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