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Code of Professional Ethics for Candidates

The purpose of the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Code of Professional Ethics for Candidates (Candidate Code) is to require actuarial candidates to adhere to the high standards of conduct, practice, and qualifications of the actuarial profession, thereby supporting the actuarial profession in fulfilling its responsibility to the public. An actuarial candidate shall comply with the Candidate Code. An actuarial candidate who commits a material violation of the provisions of the Candidate Code shall be subject to the counseling and discipline procedures of the CAS.

“Actuarial candidates” are those persons who have registered for a CAS specific exam but have yet to fulfill all of the requirements for admission into the CAS. In situations where actuarial candidates perform actuarial work, their “principal” is defined as their client or employer. “Actuarial services” are professional services provided to a principal by an individual acting in the capacity of an actuary. Such services include the rendering of advice, recommendations, findings, or opinions based upon actuarial considerations.

Rule 1: An actuarial candidate shall act honestly, with integrity and competence, to uphold the reputation of the actuarial profession.

Rule 2: An actuarial candidate shall not engage in any professional conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation or commit any act that reflects adversely on the actuarial profession.

Rule 3: An actuarial candidate shall perform actuarial services with courtesy and professional respect and shall cooperate with others in the principal’s interest.

Rule 4: An actuarial candidate shall adhere to the CAS Policy on Examination Discipline.

Rule 5: Actuarial candidates are not authorized to use membership designations of the CAS until they are admitted to membership by the CAS Executive Council.

Rule 6: An actuarial candidate shall not disclose to another party any confidential information unless authorized to do so by the principal or required to do so by law, statute, or regulation. Confidential information includes information of a proprietary nature and information that is legally restricted from circulation.

Rule 7: An actuarial candidate shall respond promptly, truthfully, and fully to any request for information by, and cooperate fully with, appropriate counseling and disciplinary body of the CAS in connection with any disciplinary, counseling or other proceeding of such body relating to the Candidate Code. The actuarial candidate’s responsibility to respond shall be subject to applicable restrictions listed in Rule 6 and those imposed by law, statute, or regulation.

(The CAS Board of Directors approved the code above on November 12, 2006, effective with the Spring 2008 exam sitting.)

A copy of the Casualty Actuarial Society Rules of Procedure for Disciplinary Actions Involving Candidates is available in the Exams & Admissions section of the CAS website under “Candidate’s Code of Ethics.”

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