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Announcements for 2016

Exam Registration

Candidates may find online exam registration and related information on the Exam Registration page of the CAS website. Prior to completing an online application for Exams LC, ST, S, and 5-9, candidates must submit an Electronic Signature Authorization Form—details are available on the same page.

There is only one registration deadline for each exam. No late registrations will be accepted. The exam dates and registration deadlines are available in the “2016 Examination Schedule” section. Please allow at least 10 working days for your mailed application to reach its destination. Whether payment is made by personal or company check, it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the application and fee are received by the stated deadline. Exceptions will not be made.

Transition Rules for new Exam S

Candidates should review carefully the Transition Rules for Exam S approved by the CAS Board of Directors. These rules can be located in the Examination Rules, C. Grades and Accreditation, Transition Programs section of the Syllabus.

Last Offering of Exams LC and ST

The CAS introduced a new examination, Exam S, in 2015 replacing Exam LC, Exam ST, and VEE-Applied Statistical Methods. To receive full credit for Exam S on Statistics and Probabilistic Models, the candidates should refer to the Transition Rules noted above. The last administration of Exams LC and ST was in April 2016.

CAS Online Course 2 (CA2)

The CAS Online Course 2/CA2, 3rd Edition, reflects changes in commercial coverage forms and the addition of a new assignment on life insurance, annuities and health insurance. The 3rd Edition became available on September 1, 2015. The exams on this content will be offered for the first time on January 15, 2016.

2016 Fall Examinations (Revised 11/11/2015)

The dates for the Fall 2016 exams have changed. Please check the schedule for the correct dates.

Ambiguous or Defective Questions and Appeals for Exams LC, ST, S, and 5-9

The CAS Syllabus & Examination Committee has clarified the process and timing that candidates should follow regarding ambiguous and defective questions for CAS-administered examinations and online courses administered by The Institutes. It also addressed the process and timing for appeals for Exams LC, ST, S, and 5-9.

For more information on these topics, please see information in the Examination Rules, C. Grades and Accreditation, Ambiguous or Defective Questions and Appeals for Exams LC, ST, S, and 5-9 sections of the Syllabus of Basic Education.

Appeal Window for Examinations

For the Fall 2016 exam administration and going forward, appeals for the constructed-response test items must reach the CAS Office not later than 2 weeks after the publication of the Examiner’s Report for the specific exam. No appeals will be considered after these deadlines.

Note: This Syllabus is subject to change in the future. The CAS is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the Syllabus.

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