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Exam 9—Financial Risk and Rate of Return

The syllabus for this four-hour exam is defined in the form of learning objectives, knowledge statements, and readings. The exam will be based on these learning objectives and supporting knowledge statements. The exam will test not only the candidate's knowledge of the subject matter, but also the candidate's ability to apply that knowledge.

Registration, Dates & Fees

Exam 9 is scheduled for May 5, 2017. The registration deadline for May 2017 is March 2. No late registrations will be accepted.

The fee for Exam 9 is $650 ($520 for full-time students).

For other fees, such as cancellation, changing your exam center, or rescheduling, see the Exam Rules section. An Electronic Signature Authorization Form (ESAF) is required for online exam registration.

Candidate Numbers: To find your candidate number, login to My Profile. Click on My Profile to bring up the drop down menu and select My Exams. If you are registered for an exam for the current sitting, your candidate number and confirmation letter will be available. Confirmation letters and candidate numbers will also be mailed within three weeks of the date that the application form was received at the CAS Office beginning in early February for April Examinations and early August for October Examinations.

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Exam Rules

Exam 9 is subject to the same Exam Rules as other CAS-administered exams (Exams S and 5-9).

Preparation for Exam 9

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