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Volume XLVII, Numbers 87 & 88 / 1960

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Contents of Volume XLVII

Papers Presented at the May 1960 Meeting

Two Studies in Automobile Insurance Ratemaking
    Robert A. Bailey and LeRoy J. Simon

The Negative Binomial and Poisson Distributions Compared
    LeRoy J. Simon

Address of the President, November 17, 1960
William Leslie, Jr.

Papers Presented at the November 18, 1960 Meeting

Any Room Left for Skimming the Cream?
    Robert A. Bailey

Automobile Merit Rating and Inverse Probabilities
    Lester B. Dropkin

A New Approach to Infant and Juvenile Mortality
    Charles C. Hewitt, Jr.

The Negative Binomial Applied to the Canadian Merit Rating Plan for Individual Automobile Risks
    Charles C. Hewitt, Jr.

Multiple Coverage Experience Rating Plan
    Eldon J. Klaassen

The Census Method
    Laurence H. Longley-Cook

Coverage and Underwriting Aspects of Burglary Insurance
    Walker S. Richardson and Richard J. Wolfrum

The Rating of Crop-Hail Insurance
    Richard J. Roth

Discussions of Papers Published in Volume XLVI

Paper by: W.A. Stevens
    Discussion by: R.P. Goddard

Paper by: L.L. Tarbell, Jr.
    Discussion by: C.L. Niles, Jr.

Paper by: R.A. Bailey & L.J. Simon
    Discussion by: W. J. Hazam

Paper by: L.B. Dropkin
    Discussion by: R.A. Bailey

Paper by: J.E. Faust, Jr.
    Discussion by: M. Kormes
    Author's Review

Paper by: F. Harwayne
    Discussion by: J.H. Muetterties
    Author's Review

Paper by: R.L. Hurley
    Discussion by: P.M. Otteson

Paper by: M.G. McDonald
    Discussion by: L.W. Scammon

Paper by: R.J. Myers
    Discussion by: W.R. Williamson
    Author's Review

Paper by: L.H. Roberts
    Discussion by: M.H. Bondy

Paper by: H.W. Steinhaus
    Discussion by: J.J. Smick
    Discussion by: M. Kormes

Paper by: Z.M. Sykes, Jr.
    Discussion by: J.W. Wieder, Jr.

Paper by: D.R. Uhthoff
    Discussion by: R.M. Marshall
    Discussion by: R.A. Johnson
    Discussion by: E.S. Allen

Discussions of Papers Appearing in the Volume XLVII

Paper by: R.A. Bailey & L.J. Simon
    Discussion by: L.H. Robert
    Discussion by: D.B. Martin

Paper by:R.A. Bailey
    Discussion by: J.T. Lange & R.M. Muniz
    Discussion by: L.J. Simon
    Disucssion by: L.H. Roberts
    Author's Review

Paper by: C.C. Hewitt, Jr.
    Discussion by: A.L. Mayerson

Paper by: E.J. Klassen
    Discussion by: L.L. Tarbell, Jr.

Paper by: L.H. Longley-Cook
    Discussion by: H.T. Barber

Paper by: R.J. Roth
    Discussion by: W.J. Hazam

Seminar Reports—May 23-25, 1960 Meeting

The Theory of Private Passenger Automobile Merit Rating
    H.T. Barber

Practical Aspects of Automobile Merit Rating
    W.S. Gillam

Rate Making and Statistics for Multiple Peril Policies
    E.T. Berkeley

Premiums and Reserves on Non-Cancellable and Guaranteed Renewable A&S Policies
    J.H. Miller

Seminar Reports—November 16-18, 1960 Meeting

Automobile Merit Rating
    T.O. Carlson

Guaranteed Renewable Automobile Insurance
    L.M. Stankus

Hospital and Surgical Benefits for Persons Age 65-Pricate Insurance or Social Security?
    H.F. LaCroix

Statistics for Rating and Research
    N.J. Bennett

Reviews of Publications


Minutes of the May 23-25, 1960 Meeting

Minutes of the November 16-18, 1960 Meeting

1960 Examinations of the Society

Index to Volume XLVII

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