Casualty Actuarial Society


Call for Speakers

The CAS membership is comprised of individuals with many years of experience and proven leaders within their respective careers. The Casualty Actuarial Society welcomes volunteers (members and non-members) who have an expertise in presenting information in a dynamic way to become a speaker at one of our yearly events. Speakers at a Casualty Actuarial Society event assume a well-regarded responsibility of being a part of the continuing education process that assists in furthering the mission and goals of the society.

Speaking with the CAS

Speaking at a Casualty Actuarial Society event is an esteemed privilege. Speakers with CAS meetings have the singular task of preparing and delivering their presentations to an audience. Generally, volunteers are at minimum expected to represent the CAS well and complete any required tasks from the event coordinators.

Some key items expected of CAS speakers

  1. Provide a draft presentation to moderators/coordinators for review
  2. Provide any scheduling conflicts to event coordinator
  3. Upload a copy of the presentation for publishing to the web
  4. Check the accuracy of presentation and contact information
  5. Adhere to any deadlines put forth by event coordinator
  6. Register for the event, if applicable, and make hotel room reservations.

The length of presentations and specific topics will vary depending on the event. Speakers are frequently volunteers and offer a great service to our society. They are also afforded an incredible opportunity for personal growth and professional exposure.