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2015 Syllabus Updates

In Fall 2015, the CAS will be administering Exams LC, ST, S, 5, 6 Canada, 6 United States, and 8. The CAS Syllabus Committee has approved changes for the Fall 2015 syllabus as outlined in the Changes for the Fall 2015 CAS Syllabus of Basic Education memorandum from the Vice President-Admissions.

Updated: September 10, 2015

The following are the changes made to the Syllabus of Basic Education after its initial publication.

2015 Fall Examinations

Exam ST

Instructions for Exam ST have been added to the ST syllabus page.

Exam S
An initial syllabus for Exam S was published on the CAS website earlier this year. After careful review, the Syllabus Committee made some clarifying changes to the Exam S Syllabus. The final syllabus for the October 2015 administration of this exam can be found in the Exams & Admissions section of the CAS website.

Exam 5
The CAS online publication Estimating Unpaid Claims Using Basic Techniques by Jacqueline Frank Friedland contains an error. An errata has been posted.

Exam 6C
"Candidates will not be required to memorize transition rules nor capital factors" was added to the citation - Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada Guideline, "Minimum Capital Test (MCT) for Federally Regulated Property and Casualty Insurance Companies, Effective January 1, 2015,".

An additional page number was added to Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada, Sample Return, 2015 (Q1), Approved by the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators – P&C-1, pp. 20.10, 20.20, 20.30, 20.42, 20.45, 20.54, 30.61, 30.62, 30.64, 30.66, 30.71, 30.73, 30.75, 30.77, 30.79, 40.07, 60.20, 60.21, 60.30, 67.10, 67.20, 67.30, 70.60, 70.61, 80.10,. NOTE: Please use the 2015 edition that has been archived on the CAS Web Site for educational purposes

2016 Spring Examinations

Changes for the Spring 2016 CAS Syllabus of Basic Education

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