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This page provides details concerning insurance database services available from National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

More detailed information concerning the NCCI's InsNet Online Service and Research and Reference Products can be found on NCCI's home page on the World Wide Web, located at

Details on the NCCI Databases

The National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. (NCCI) headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, is the nation's largest information company serving the voluntary and involuntary Workers Compensation marketplace. The corporation provides database products, software, publications and consultation services to state funds, self insureds, independent bureaus, agents, regulatory authorities, legislatures and more than 700 insurance companies.

A description of four of NCCI's major databases follows:

Policy Issue Capture System (PICS)

The Policy Issue Capture System serves as the database of workers compensation and employers liability policies. PICS data is the information from the actual policy information page issued by the insurer to the insured. Policy data is used for controlling the submission of WCSP data, the distribution of experience ratings to insurers and for NCCI's Proof of Coverage service provided to Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions. Information on policies for the latest three years is readily available.

Financial Data Calls

NCCI collects aggregate financial data calls which are used to determine the aggregate rate or loss cost level in a state. The primary ratemaking calls are the Policy Year and Accident Year Calls for Compensation Experience by State. These calls gather collected premiums, premiums at a common level, and losses for over 15 years of aggregate financial data by state.

A major product produced from the Financial Data Calls is Loss Development Exhibits (Product Code 2911) This package of exhibits provides a history of loss development factors by state for both policy year and accident year experience. Factors are provided for four development methodologies for indemnity, medical and total losses. The development methodologies are paid, paid plus case, incurred excluding IBNR, and incurred including IBNR. Additional exhibits in the package include paid to incurred ratios and premium development factors as well as summarized financial data. This product is available in hard copy or on diskette. The price is $1,000 per state for hard copy ($350 per state for affiliates) and $2,000 per state for diskette ($700 per state for affiliates).

Workers Compensation Statistical Plan (WCSP)

Workers Compensation Plan data is the audited exposure, premium, and loss experience summarized by policy and state on a unit report for each Workers Compensation policy. The WCSP requires losses on the unit report to be valued as of the 18 months after policy effective date. Subsequent unit reports through a fifth report are required at 12 month intervals thereafter for any policies which contain open claims as of the previous submission.

A major product produced from this database is Class Experience (Schedule Z Summary Data) (Product Code 2838) Schedule Z summarizes by class the combined experience for all affiliates in a state as reported on the Workers Compensation Statistical Plan. The report provides the class experience including exposures, premiums, indemnity losses and medical losses and claim counts by injury type. Experience is furnished for the latest five policy periods available. This product is available on hard copy, diskette, or magnetic tape. Beginning approximately second quarter 1996 Class Experience will be available through InsNet, NCCI's on-line network.

Detailed Claim Information

Detailed Claim Information (DCI) collects 85 detailed data elements describing the insured, the claimant, the claim characteristics, the benefits and payment made, and the claim administration details of individual claims. The purpose of DCI is to provide insight into the underlying elements inherent in the aggregate costs of workers compensation insurance. Claims are selected based on a sampling methodology which concentrates on collecting information for major injuries. Claims are valued at six months after accident date with subsequent reports required at annual intervals up to ten reports for any claims that remain open.

New summary publications from this database will be produced in 1996. Custom data extracts are available on diskette or magnetic tape.

Other Products of Special Interest to Actuaries

The Annual Statistical Bulletin (Product Code 2845) $225 ($145 affiliates) contains a summary of the latest and most significant statistics on Workers Compensation available. Reference tables provide histories of premium and benefit level changes by state, expense data, tax provisions, benefit provision summaries, loss development factors, and claim frequency and severity exhibits. The Bulletin in published annually in hard copy format.

Economic Conditions Report (Product Code 3043) This compendium of data and forecasts from government agencies, private companies, and universities contains comprehensive statistics that cannot be found anywhere else in one source. It provides indications of the changes that are occurring in a state's economy and how those changes impact the Workers Compensation system. Available in hard copy for $250 per state per year. ($125 per state per year for affiliates).

Legal Considerations

NCCI owns the data contained in its databases and licenses it to interested persons.

Available By Company

Specific carrier and specific risk data is not available. Custom requests may be produced for specific groups of carriers as long as the individual carrier data is protected.

Other Relevant Information

NCCI affiliates receive significant discounts on most NCCI products and services. NCCI affiliation programs are available for private carriers, state funds, self insurance groups and reinsurers.

For a complete catalogue of NCCI products and services or for more information on any NCCI product call Customer Service at 800-NCCI-123 (800-622-4123) from 8 AM to 8 PM EST.