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Volume LX, Numbers 113 & 114 / 1973

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Contents of Volume LX

Papers Presented at the May 1973 Meeting

Expense Analysis in Ratemaking and Pricing
Roger C. Wade
    Discussion by: Dale R. Comey (November 1973)
    Discussion by: Orval E. Dahme (November 1973)
    Author's Review of Discussions

A Survey of Loss Reserving Methods
David Skurnick
    Discussion by: Robert A. Anker (November 1973)

Underwriting Individual Drivers: A Sequential Approach
John M. Cozzolino and Leonard R. Freifelder
    Discussion by: Donald A Jones (November 1973)
    Discussion by: Richard I. Fein and Jeffrey T. Lange (November 1973)
    Discussion by: Costandy K. Khury (November 1973)

Discussion of Papers Published in Volume LIX

How Adequate are Loss and Loss Expense Liabilities?
Ruth E. Salzmann (May 1972)
    Discussion by: John W. Trist

Joint Underwriting as Reinsurance Problem
Emil J. Strug (May 1972)
    Discussion by: Waldo A. Stevens
    Author's Review of Discussion

An Actuarial Note on Experience Rating Nuclear Property Insurance
Richard D. McClure (November 1972)
    Discussion by: Robert L. Hurley

The Relationship Between Net Premium Written and Policyholder's Surplus
Raymond W. Beckman and Robert N. Tremelling, II (November 1972)
    Discussion by: Gary L. Countryman
    Discussion by: David J. Grady
    Discussion by: Roger C. Wade

No-Split Experience Rating Plans
John P. Welch (November 1972)
    Discussion by: Lester B. Dropkin

Actuarial Applications in Catastrophe Reinsurance
LeRoy J. Simon (November 1972)
    Discussion by: David G. Halmstad
    Discussion by John C. Wooddy
    Discussion by Charles R. Rinehart
    Discussion by: Costandy K. Khury

Allocated Loss Expense Reserves
Allie V. Resony (November 1972)
    Discussion by: Earl F. Petz

The Actuary and IBNR
Ronald L. Bornhuetter and Ronald E. Ferguson (November 1972)
    Discussion by: Warren P. Cooper
    Discussion by: Hugh G. White

Minutes of the May 1973 Meeting

Presidential Address—November 13, 1973
"Tomorrow is Where You Live"
Charles C. Hewitt, Jr.

Papers Presented at the November 1973 Meeting

Loss Reserve Testing: A Report Year Approach
Wayne H. Fisher and Jeffrey T. Lange

Commercial Fire Insurance Ratemaking Procedures
Robert L. Hurley

Minutes of the November 1973 Meeting

Report of the Secretary

Report of the Treasurer

Financial Report

1973 Examinations—Successful Candidates


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