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1957 Proceedings

Volume XLIV, Numbers 81 & 82 / 1957

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Contents of Volume XLIV

Address of the President, May 24, 1957

"Lessons from Adversity"

Norton E. Masterson

Address of the President, November 22, 1957

"Professional Conduct of the Members of the Casualty Actuarial Society"

Norton E. Masterson

Papers Presented at the November 22, 1957 Meeting:

Automobile Bodily Injury Liability Rate-Making on a Prospective Basis.
    Edward Faust, Jr.

Principles and Practices in Connection with Classification Rating Systems for Liability Insurance as Applied to Private Passenger Automobiles.
    Joseph M. Muir

Graduation of Excess Ratio Distributions by the Method of Moments.
    Lewis H. Roberts

Revision of Rates Applicable to a Class of Property Fire Insurance.
    C. Otis Shaver

Discussion of Papers

Review of Publications


Minutes of Meeting, May 23-34, 1957

Minutes of Meeting, November 21-22, 1957

1957 Examinations of the Society

Index to Volume XLIV

1958 Year Book

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