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1995 Discussion Papers on Dynamic Financial Analysis

1995 Discussion Papers on Dynamic Financial Analysis

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Mean-Variance Analysis and the Diversification of Risk
Leigh H. Halliwell

A Decade of Cash Flow Testing - Some Lessons Learned
Ralph S. Blanchard III, Eduardo P. Marchena

An Approach to Evaluating Asset Allocation Strategies for Property/Casualty Insurance Companies
Manuel Almagro, Stephan M. Sonlin

Measuring and Managing Catastrophe Risk
Ronald T. Kozlowski, Stuart B. Mathewson

Managing the Catastrophe Risk
Glenn Meyers

Forecasting the Future: Stochastic Simulation and Scenario Testing
Sholom Feldblum

How to Best Use Engineering Risk Analysis Models and Geographic Information Systems to Assess Financial Risk from Hurricanes
Auguste Boissonnade, Peter Ulrich

New Products-Uncertainty of Cost, Measurement and Control of Risks, and Implied Profit Martins
Owen M. Gleeson

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