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1987 Discussion Papers on Financial Analysis of Insurance Companies

1987 Discussion Papers on Financial Analysis of Insurance Companies

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Measuring R.O.E. From a Financial Planning Perspective
Neil Aldin and Bruce Jones

A Framework for Forecasting Property/Casualty Insurers' Financial Results
Paul Braithwaite and Isaac Mashitz

An Analysis of the Impact of the Tax Reform Act on the Property/Casualty Industry
Owen M. Gleeson and Gerald I. Lenrow

Allocation of Surplus for a Multi-Line Insurer
Paul J. Kneuer

A Non-Parametic Approach to Evaluating Reinsurers' Relative Financial Strength
Stephen J. Ludwig and Robert F. McAuley

An Analysis of the Capital Structure of an Insurance Company
Glenn Meyers

An Investigation of Methods, Assumptions, and Risk Modeling for the Valuation of Property/Casualty Insurance Companies
Robert S. Miccolis

Asset/Liability Management: Beyond Interest Rate Risk
William H. Panning

Underutilization of Capacity
Neal Schmidt

Regulatory Standards for Reserves
Oakley E. Van Slyke

Investor's Valuation of an Insurance Company
Joel S. Weiner

Insurance Profits: Keeping Score
Richard G. Woll

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