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1994 Discussion Papers on Financial Solvency

1984 Discussion Papers on Financial Solvency

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The Relationship between Underwriting Profit and the Surplus Ratio: A Model
Ray E. Niswander

Reviewed by
Claus S. Metzner and Ralph S. Blanchard, III

Loss Portfolios: Financial Reinsurance
Lee R. Steeneck

Reviewed by
Stephen J, Ludwig

Property and Casualty Insurance Solvency and Investments - Playing the Game
Paul M. Otterson

Reviewed by
Robert P. Eramo

Empirical Measure of Reserve Level Uncertainty Relative to Discounting and Financial Solvency for a Monoline Medical Professional Liability Insurer
David Wasserman and Allan Kaufman

Reviewed by
William J. Hibberd

Evaluation of the Financial Condition of Insurance Companies - A Theoretical Approach
Mary Lou O'Neil

Reviewd by
Alfred O. Weller and William F. Weimer

The Valuation of an Insurance Company for an Acquisition Involving a Section 338 Tax Election
James A. Hall, III, Orin M. Linden, Stephen C. Gerard, Michael Heitz

Reviewed by
Randall E. Brubaker

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