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1980 Discussion Paper Program on Pricing Property and Liability Insurance Products

1980 Discussion Paper Program on Pricing Property and Casualty Insurance Products

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Relativity Pricing Through Analysis of Variance
Carl Chamberlain
Reviewed by
Daniel Goddard

Expense Allocation in Insurance Ratemaking
Diana Childs and Ross A. Currie
Reviewed by
David Klein

Impacts of State Regulation on the Marketing and Pricing of Individual Health Insurance
Charles Habeck
Reviewed by
Robert Schuler

Credibility and Solvency
Philip Heckman
Reviewed by
Janet Fagan

Pricing for Corporate Objectives
Frank J. Karlinski
Reviewed by
Robert A. Anker

Ratemaking for the Personal Automobile Physical Damage Coverages
John J. Kollar

Reviewed by
Galen Barnes

Uses of Closed Claim Data For Pricing
R. Michael Lamb

Reviewed by
Richard S. Biondi

Rating Claims-Made Insurance Policies
Joseph O. Marker and F. James Mohl

Reviewed by
Michael F. McManus

An Analysis of Retrospective Rating
Glenn Meyers

Reviewed by
James F. Golz

Estimating Aggregate Loss Probability and Increased Limit Factor
Dr. Shaw Mong

Pricing Excess-of-Loss Casualty Working Cover Reinsurance Treaties
Gary Patrik and Russell John

Reviewed by
Jerry Miccolis

Experience Rates As Estimators: A Simulation of Their Bias and Variance
James N. Stanard

Reviewed by
John P. Robertson

Actuarial Issues To Be Addressed In Pricing Insurance Coverages
E. James Stergiou

Reviewed by
Sheldon Rosenberg and Aaron Halpert

The Pricing of Medi Gap Contracts
Emil J. Strug
Reviewed by
Robert F. Bartik

Is Econometric Modeling Obsolete?
Oakley E. Van Slyke
Reviewed by
Michael Fusco

Risk Classification Standards
Michael A. Walters
Reviewed by
Robert A. Bailey

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