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Results of 2009 CAS Election

09/04/2009 —

Balloting for the 2009 CAS election closed on August 28, 2009 and the CAS Tellers have verified the election results.

Ralph Blanchard has been elected President-Elect.

Beth Fitzgerald, Richard Goldfarb, Arlie Proctor, and Kenneth Quintilian have been elected to the Board of Directors.

The following members were elected or re-elected by the Board to serve as Vice Presidents:

  • Leslie R. Marlo, Vice President-Administration
  • David L. Menning, Vice President-Admissions
  • Kevin G. Dickson, Vice President- ERM
  • Kris D. DeFrain, Vice President-International
  • Nancy A. Braithwaite, Vice President-Marketing and Communications
  • Chester John Szczepanski, Vice President-Professional Education
  • Louise A. Francis, Vice President-Research and Development

These Fellows will assume their positions at the close of the 2009 Annual Meeting in Boston.

A total of 1,208 Fellows voted in this year's election, or 35% of the Fellows. This compares to 1,219 Fellows or 37% for last year.

According to the election procedures approved by the Board, all vote counts are released to the membership. These follow:

Ralph Blanchard 1,013
Richard Goldfarb 650
Beth Fitzgerald 625
Arlie Proctor 596
Kenneth Quintilian 553
Robert Anker 497
James Christie 432
Cara Blank 413
Clive Keatinge 345

Congratulations to the new President-Elect and Board members, and to our new and continuing Vice Presidents! On behalf of the CAS, I want to thank all the candidates in the 2009 election for their willingness to run and, if elected, to serve.

John J. Kollar
President, Casualty Actuarial Society

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