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New CAS Credit Risk Special Interest Section Created

07/14/2009 —

The CAS has formed the Credit Risk Special Interest Section, a new addition to the CAS Special Interest Sections. The Credit Risk Special Interest Section’s purposes include:

  • promoting discussion and the exchange of ideas among Section Members and Subscribers on the subject of credit risk evaluation,
  • providing forums for such discussions to take place, and
  • advancing actuarial science as applied to credit risk, through both original research and surveys of collective knowledge.

Actuaries from different areas, such as mortgage insurance, financial guaranty, credit insurance and investment management, evaluate similar types of credit risks in some cases using different methods that are specific to those areas. Section members and subscribers can learn about the variety of approaches to credit risk evaluation used by actuaries, and broaden their working knowledge in this field.

To join the Section as a member or subscriber, contact Michael Schmitz at or David Ruhm at

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