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Volunteers needed for Participation Survey Task Force and MAS Exams

11/28/2017 —

Volunteers Needed for Participation Survey Task Force

The Committee on Volunteer Resources (COVR) is responsible for the Participation Survey, which is the primary tool used by committee chairpersons to staff their committees. COVR plans to build a new version of the Participation Survey over the next year, and we are interested in recruiting additional volunteers for this critical effort. The time commitment would start in January, approximately 10 hours per month. In person meetings are not required. This would be a short-term time commitment with immediate, tangible results. If you are interested, please contact Shelby Wolff at by December 14th.

Volunteers Needed for MAS Exams

The new Modern Actuarial Statistics exam committees are in need of volunteers. Each committee (MAS I and MAS II) will meet twice a year (late April/early May and late October/early November) to review questions, compile the next exam and conduct the pass mark panel. The meetings are generally 1½ to 2½ days (in various cities). Each committee member is expected to write about 10 multiple choice questions for each meeting and to review the questions written by others. No grading is required. The CAS covers travel expenses.

There is also a need for consultants willing to work through the first draft of the exam. No travel is required, but the consultants will be expected to be familiar with the entire syllabus and be capable of working through the entire exam without the solutions. Volunteers not familiar with the material are welcome if they are willing to devote the time required to master the material. If you are interested, please contact Shelby Wolff at

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