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ARECA Scholarship Writers - Call for Volunteers

10/06/2017 —

ARECA, our CAS regional affiliate in Asia, is launching a scholarship competition for undergraduate actuarial students in Asia.  ARECA is seeking volunteers to write one or more short scenarios on a diverse array of topics for the scholarship competition. Topics can be related to general insurance, to the societal or business environment in which general insurance risks arise, or to other topics that might utilize the skills of general insurance actuaries.  Two sample scenarios are included at the end of this message.

Each scholarship applicant will select one of the scenarios, do some research as needed, conduct some thinking and analysis, and write a paper (approximately 5 pages) with the applicant’s analysis and recommendations.

We invite CAS members to submit scenarios for the competition. The ARECA committee will select the scenarios for the competition, which may include using in whole or part, adapting, and/or translating your submission. Your response should be submitted to CAS International Relations Manager, Michael Chou ( by October 7, 2017. 

Scenario descriptions should be no longer than 100 words. Your submission may be in English or Mandarin. Please recall that our audience is undergraduate students. You are welcome to submit more than one idea. You must identify any portion of your submission that is the intellectual property of someone else (such as a scenario that you found in a textbook).

ARECA thanks you for your creative assistance.

Sample Scholarship Scenarios:

  1. You are the chief actuary of XYZ Insurance Company.  The CEO asks you to describe the potential implications and opportunities for the company’s insurance business, as self-driving vehicles become more common, and asks you to suggest some strategic projects that he should launch so the company will be prepared.  Please prepare a report for the CEO.
  2. A manufacturer is about to launch a major new subsidiary, “Skyware,” that will focus on producing and selling drone hardware and software to businesses and consumers.  What are some of the key issues that Skyware needs to think about in [planning its risk management program and] obtaining insurance coverage for this new venture?

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