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Call for Presentations for Singapore Actuarial Society's General Insurance Conference

03/16/2017 —

25th-26th May 2017

Submission Deadline: March 31


Singapore Actuarial Society (SAS) has announced its ninth conference focused on General Insurance.  The conference will be held in Singapore over 2 days (May 25-26) with more than 130 actuaries and senior insurance and reinsurance executives from across Asia expected to attend.

The event has continued to go from strength to strength each year with the comments from conference attendees continuing to improve, with last year providing the best feedback scores to date. So the standard has been set with expectations for this year’s speakers being even higher.

SAS has invited Casualty Actuarial Society to organize several sessions for the conference. CAS is honored to be collaborating with SAS, and we invite you to join in the collaboration. This Call for Presentations is one part of CAS’s process to identify CAS members (and possibly other individuals) who are potential speakers at the conference.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Disrupt or be Disrupted’. We apparently live in the age of disruption, from Google to Uber to AirBnB to Lemonade, new ideas are constantly challenging the established way of doing things. Case studies abound of ‘dinosaurs’ that didn’t see the changes coming and became ‘extinct’. This is a fairly broad theme so you are only limited by your imagination in regards your choice of topic. However, those topics that ask the audience to challenge their perceptions and think more deeply about what they do ‘day-to-day’ will be more likely to be accepted.

In order to ensure consistency and readability of the slides, authors will be required to provide an electronic copy of the presentation slides by e-mail prior to the conference. The presentations will be published on the SAS website at a later date. By submitting the presentation slides to the GIC of the SAS, the authors will be deemed to have given permission to publish. Company logos are allowed.

Please note that it is the Society’s policy to neither provide an honorarium nor reimburse expenses incurred by the authors, however the attendance fee for one speaker in each presentation will be waived.

THIS FORM IS FOR CAS ORGANIZED PRESENTATIONS ONLY.  The submissions will be reviewed by a CAS Task Force to submit these sessions to the 2017 SAS General Insurance Conference.


Please note that speakers are responsible for their own travel expenses.


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