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Call for Presentations 2016 CAS Annual Meeting

07/06/2016 —

Deadline: July 8, 2016
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The Casualty Actuarial Society invites you to be a part of the 2016 Annual Meeting planning process. The Program Planning Committee is soliciting your submission of proposals for the upcoming CAS Annual Meeting, November 13-16, 2016, in Orlando, Florida.

The Program Planning Committee is issuing this Call to solicit ideas for professional content and identify outstanding speakers for the 2016 event. The Program Planning Committee wants your ideas for sessions that will deliver valuable content and will be engaging to attendees. Ideally, your suggestions will include the names of subject matter experts that are willing and able to participate at the Meeting.

For this meeting, the Committee is particularly interested in the following topics:

  • The Role of Capital in P&C Ratemaking (e.g., Cost of Capital; Capital Allocation; etc.)
  • Non-traditional Catastrophes (e.g., Casualty Catastrophes, Earthquakes Related to Fracking; PA Coal Mine Burning; etc.)
  • Emerging Opportunities and Challenges for Casualty Actuaries (e.g., Actuaries in Non-Actuarial roles; Actuaries, Data Scientists and Underwriters working Together; Microinsurance; Tax Issues; etc.)
  • International Opportunities and Challenges for Actuaries
  • Emerging Issues in Cyber Risk
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Reinsurance and ILS (e.g., New Products and Markets for ILS; Outlook for Traditional Reinsurance; etc.)
  • Predictive Modeling (especially in non-pricing applications, such as underwriting or claims)
  • Emerging Issues in Medical Professional Liability and/or Workers’ Comp
  • P&C Industry in General (market trends, etc.)

The goal of the Program Planning Committee is to deliver this content in the most engaging way possible. Therefore, we encourage creativity in your session ideas and the way the session is organized and delivered. Those sessions that are designed to be very interactive, perhaps including small group discussions, individual or group exercises, real-world problem-solving, will be considered more highly than straight presentations. Please indicate in your response the method of interaction.

Please submit your proposed session title, session description, speaker(s) and other requested information using the online submission process by July 8, 2016. A member of the Program Planning Committee will follow up with you in early August 2016. Please note that it is Program Planning Committee policy that sessions conform to educational content requirements and panelists on individual sessions are from a minimum of two different companies.

Please submit your proposed session title, description, presenter(s) and other requested information by creating or logging into an existing account above.

Concurrent session proposals should be submitted by July 8, 2016.

The Committee reserves the right to reject all proposed submissions if no acceptable proposals are received.

NOTE: New items added to the call submission (below).

As we endeavor to provide the best learning experience for our meeting attendees, we continue to consider ways to enhance all our sessions. Adult learners learn best when the content is delivered in manageable quantities in a format that allows for attendees to understand and test what they learn while at the session. The CAS is undertaking an effort to select speakers who are willing to review speaker best practices related to content, audience engagement and delivery to better enable attendees to apply what they will learn.

Your submission is more likely to be accepted if you follow the CAS guidelines outlined above, and if you implement the suggestions for presentations given on the “Session Management Resources” page of the CAS website ( Please check the boxes below to indicate your willingness to comply with CAS guidelines and recommendations:

Checkbox #1: I will have speakers from at least two different companies present at this session.

Checkbox #2: I will review the speaker management resources provided by the CAS particularly related to being a more effective speaker (, and I will implement the suggestions provided therein.

Checkbox #3: I will include at least one activity in this session to engage the audience.

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