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North American Actuarial Council to Study Insurer Impairments/Insolvencies

01/21/2016 —

Actuarial Review of Insurer Impairments / Insolvencies and Future Prevention

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA), Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and Society of Actuaries (SOA) desire to sponsor a research project educating the profession on past insurer impairments and insolvencies. The study will look at their causes, the decisions made by management, regulators and policyholders as situations unfolded. In turn, the study will look at ways the profession can be equipped to prevent or mitigate future insolvency situations. In addition to directly benefitting the profession, the work will also help assist other insurance industry practitioners understand the complexities of insurance company solvency and the benefit of keeping the actuarial profession in the forefront of company management, operations and regulatory communication.

To deepen the knowledge in this subject, the actuarial organizations are seeking researchers to submit one or more proposals in the topics listed below. The description of each of the topics has deliberately been written to be brief and open-ended in order to give researchers sufficient latitude in the development of their proposals. A key consideration in the proposal review process is the demonstration that the expected work will not be duplicative of existing material and represent a significant expansion in this topic.

Final proposals for the project should be sent via e-mail to Erika Schulty at

Proposals must be received no later than March 15, 2016. It is anticipated that all proposers will be informed of the status of their proposal by the end of March 2016.

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