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Results of 2012 CAS Election

09/05/2012 —

Balloting for the 2012 CAS election closed on August 31, 2012. A total of 1,670 Fellows voted (41.4%), as compared to 1,375 Fellows last year (35.5%).

Wayne Fisher has been elected President-Elect.

Charles A. Bryan, David R. Chernick, Ann Conway, and Rick Gorvett have been elected to the Board of Directors.

According to the election procedures approved by the Board, all vote counts are released to the membership.

These follow:

Wayne Fisher 1,346
Ann Conway 936
David R. Chernick 785
Charles A. Bryan 767
Rick Gorvett 744
Richard Fein 705
David J. Oakden 603
James B. Rowland 558
Michael C. Dubin 374

Earlier this year, the following members were elected or re-elected by the Board to serve as Vice Presidents:

  • G. Chris Nyce, Vice President-Administration
  • Virginia R. Prevosto, Vice President-Admissions
  • Barry Franklin, Vice President- ERM
  • Robert F. Conger, Vice President-International
  • Arlie Proctor, Vice President-Marketing and Communications
  • Mary D. Miller, Vice President-Professional Education
  • Alice M. Underwood, Vice President-Research and Development

Congratulations to the new President-Elect and Board members, and to our new and continuing Vice Presidents. These members will assume or re-assume their positions at the close of the 2012 Annual Meeting in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

On behalf of the CAS, I thank all of the candidates in the 2012 election for their willingness to run and, if elected, to serve.

Pat Teufel
President, Casualty Actuarial Society

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