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CAS to Issue New Examiners' Report for Exams 5-9; Exam Papers Will Not Be Released

07/31/2012 —

Effective with the May 2012 administration, the Examination Committee will provide an Examiners' Report for all upper-level exams concurrent with the release of the sample solutions. The report will include a narrative on each question to provide insight into where points were achieved and where points were commonly missed by the population of candidates who sat for the exam. The report is intended to assist both candidates who took the specific exam and those studying to take the exam in the future in understanding the common mistakes made by candidates in responding to the test items.

The decision to issue an Examiners' Report for each upper-level exam is an outcome of the review of the exam process that was conducted following the October 2011 administration. That review also resulted in a decision to make exam papers available, on a test basis, to candidates who received decile scores of 4 or 5. With the development of the Examiners' Report, the Executive Council decided that, effective with the Spring 2012 exams, candidate papers will no longer be made available.

The Examiners' Report, along with the analysis provided to candidates who did not pass the exam, will provide valuable educational guidance on topics that may warrant further study as well as specific issues related to the exam.

Additional details on the Examiners' Report can be found in the June 2012 issue of Future Fellows.

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