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2012-13 CAS Vice President Appointments

07/12/2012 —

I am pleased to announce that the following members were elected or re-elected by the CAS Board of Directors to serve as 2012-2013 Vice Presidents and members of the CAS Executive Council during the Board teleconference held on July 11, 2012:

Newly elected Vice Presidents

  • Robert Conger, Vice President-International
  • G. Chris Nyce, Vice President-Administration
  • Mary D. Miller, Vice President-Professional Education
  • Arlie Proctor, Vice President-Marketing and Communications

Re-elected incumbent Vice Presidents

  • Virginia R. Prevosto, Vice President-Admissions
  • Alice M. Underwood, Vice President-Research and Development
  • Barry A. Franklin, Vice President-ERM

These members will assume or re-assume their positions at the close of the 2012 Annual Meeting in Florida.

Although they have not yet completed their terms and still have a few months of work and transition ahead, at this time, I would like to express my appreciation to our outgoing Vice Presidents for their significant efforts over the past years. I look forward to their contributions to our Society in other roles in the future.

Retiring Vice Presidents

  • Nancy A. Braithwaite, Vice President-Marketing and Communications
  • Kris D. DeFrain, Vice President-International
  • Leslie R. Marlo, Vice President-Administration
  • Chester John Szczepanski, Vice President-Professional Education

Patricia A. Teufel
President, Casualty Actuarial Society

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