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CAS Experienced Practitioner’s Pathway for the Global Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst Credential

04/18/2012 —

Dear CAS Members:

Your expertise in the field of enterprise risk management (ERM) may qualify you for the Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) credential, a globally recognized credential encompassing the most comprehensive and rigorous demonstration of ERM expertise available.

As you are aware, the CAS joined twelve other International Actuarial Association member organizations in signing a global treaty to develop this first-ever globally-collaborated actuarial credential.

The old adage “experience is the best teacher” aptly describes the newly created CERA Experienced Practitioner’s Pathway (EPP) for the CAS. This pathway is intended to be an avenue for a select group of CAS members who have demonstrated expertise and substantial experience in the field of enterprise risk management to obtain this new global actuarial credential without completing the examination requirements.

For a temporary time period, current CAS members who have demonstrated expertise and experience in the ERM field may be eligible to earn the CERA credential through an application process and the successful completion of a two-day seminar. While the global CERA curriculum was carefully developed for professionals to use their quantitative and qualitative strengths to bring technical sophistication to a rapidly emerging specialty, this pathway is an opportunity for accomplished professionals to leverage their practical experience to add the CERA credential to their name.

Qualified professionals interested in pursuing the CERA Experienced Practitioner’s Pathway must have a minimum of three years of substantial experience in the ERM field, and should also meet several of the following criteria:

  1. Performed work in the field of ERM at a senior level.
  2. Advanced the actuarial profession within the ERM field.
  3. Hold significant visibility in the ERM field.
  4. Made substantial contributions to practice in the ERM field.
  5. Experience as a risk officer for an entity or line of business.
  6. Served as a key contributor to an organization's risk committee.
  7. Experience managing interactions between multiple risks.
  8. Developed or implemented methodology for monitoring, measuring and management of risk in an ERM environment.
  9. Conducted research that has resulted in practical industry ERM applications.

If you believe your meet the foregoing requirements, I encourage you to apply.

Application Preparation

Current CAS members interested in applying for the Experienced Practitioner’s Pathway should submit:

  • A cover letter (limited to two pages) that explains the breadth and depth of experience related to any of the nine specific criteria noted above;
  • A current resume, including job titles and length of positions held;
  • The name and contact information of professional references who are familiar with your ERM work.

Applications should be sent to the CAS Office at The CERA Experienced Practitioner’s Pathway will be open to applicants through July 31, 2012. For more details on the CERA credential, visit the CAS CERA web page or contact the CAS Office at with any questions.

Patricia A. Teufel, FCAS, MAAA
President, Casualty Actuarial Society

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