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Nominations sought for 2011 Halmstad Prize

02/09/2011 —

The Halmstad Prize Committee is seeking nominations from the CAS membership for the 2011 Halmstad Prize. The mission is to select the best paper on actuarial research published in 2008. As described on The Actuarial Foundation Web Site, “The David Garrick Halmstad prize is given annually for actuarial research in memory of David Halmstad, an Associate of the Society [of Actuaries], for his significant contributions to actuarial science and research. Funds for the prize were contributed in Mr. Halmstad's memory by his friends and colleagues. To select the best paper on actuarial research published each year, a committee of the Society's Education and Research Section examines major English language actuarial journals, nominates outstanding papers, reviews the selected articles, and votes for the best paper. The results of these proceedings are submitted to the Research Committee of The Actuarial Foundation for the final selection. This award follows the year of publication rather than the actual calendar year.”

The Halmstad Prize Committee is organized into six Subcommittees, which are focused on a specific practice area of actuarial science. The Subcommittees are charged with identifying papers in their practice area that should be nominated for the Prize, and membership input on papers worthy of consideration is encouraged. The 2011 Subcommittees include:

  • Health Subcommittee
  • Life Subcommittee
  • Investment/Finance/Risk Management Subcommittee
  • Mathematical Foundations Subcommittee
  • Pension Subcommittee
  • Property and Casualty Subcommittee

Papers will be considered on the basis of:

  • Originality of ideas.
  • Thoroughness of ideas expressed.
  • Readability including clarity and how well the exhibits illustrate the points made.
  • Timeliness and relevance of research.

Nominations must include the practice area for the paper and also justification for why the paper should be considered for the prize. Nominations of papers to be considered for the award should be submitted by March 31, 2011 to Karen Sonnet, Research Coordinator with the CAS at

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