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Request for Proposals for the 2011 RPM Seminar Predictive Modeling Workshop

09/02/2010 —

I. Casualty Actuarial Society

The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) was organized in 1914 as a professional society with the purpose of advancing the body of knowledge of actuarial science applied to property, casualty and similar risk exposures. This is accomplished through communication with the publics affected by insurance, the presentation and discussion of papers, attendance at seminars and workshops, collection of a library, funded research activities, and other means. The membership of the CAS includes over 4,000 actuaries employed by insurance companies, consulting firms, brokers, and the government. Additional information about the CAS can be found on the CAS website.

II. CAS Ratemaking/Product Management Seminar

The CAS Ratemaking/Product Management (“RPM”) Seminar is scheduled to take place in New Orleans, LA on March 20-22, 2011. As with previous RPM Seminars, full day workshops on 3 different subject areas of particular interest are scheduled to be offered on the first day, or Sunday, March 20, 2011. Examples of schedules, workshop descriptions and presentations from previous such workshops can be found on the CAS website.

In response to feedback received from previous RPM Seminar attendees, the RPM Seminar Planning Committee (“Committee”) intends to include Predictive Modeling as one of the workshop topics at the 2011 seminar, to provide hands-on Predictive Modeling training for beginners.

III. Project Specifications

The Committee wishes to enlist subject matter experts to develop and conduct the above described 1 day workshop on Predictive Modeling. The workshop should be customized to focus on the critical issues surrounding a predictive modeling pricing assignment.

The Committee is most interested in providing training in the following areas, but is open to considering additional steps that are offered by respondents:

  • Data scrubbing and manipulation
  • Application of various methodologies
  • Interpretation of results

The workshop will need to include a dataset for analysis during the session(s), to be provided to attendees with sufficient lead time that they can become knowledgeable about the dataset before the workshop begins. An assignment could accompany the dataset so that attendees can review the data, look for anomalies, and perform necessary data scrubbing.

It is expected that the presenters will use a computer and an LCD projector, and that attendees will be able to use their computers to conduct analysis on the dataset prior to and during the workshop. The workshop should not be a demonstration of the presenters’ software, but should rather focus on predictive modeling generally. If the selected presenter wants to make use of specific software, the participants should have access to this software during the workshop; the use of “R” software is an example of a preferred type of such software, in that it is not firm-specific and is publicly available.

Expected workshop attendance would be 50-100 persons.

The presenters must adhere to the same requirements and deadlines imposed on all workshop/RPM Seminar presenters, in terms of working with Committee session coordinators and making materials available to attendees prior to the seminar.

IV. Proposal Requirements

Proposals are due by October 1, 2010 and should include the following items:

  • A clear description of seminar education content
  • Demonstrated experience within the field
  • Three professional references

All submitted proposals will be evaluated equally. The Committee will, by November 1, 2010, select the respondent who, in the judgment of the Committee, is best able to perform the work as specified herein. The Committee reserves the right not to accept any proposal if an acceptable proposal is not received.

Interested parties should submit their proposals and any questions in writing via e-mail to Vincent Edwards, CAS Manager, Professional Education, at

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