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New Sessions Now Available Through University of CAS

03/03/2010 —

The University of CAS (UCAS) represents the Casualty Actuarial Society’s ongoing commitment to provide convenient educational opportunities to practicing actuaries. UCAS offers recorded sessions that were presented at CAS meetings and seminars. The recordings, which feature audio synched with PowerPoint presentations, are made available online through an easy-to-use interface.

Sessions from the CAS Annual Meeting are now available, including:

  • Solvency Regulation
  • Introduction to Reserve Range Theory and Practical Model Application
  • Allocation of Capital Debate
  • Climate Risk Reporting and Monitoring
  • Actuarial Accounting - A Cautionary Report
  • Workers Compensation - Along for the Ride on the National Medical Train!
  • Climate Change: Fact vs. Fiction and Implications for Our Business
  • Federal Regulation – Yes or No

Sessions from In Focus: The Underwriting Cycle Seminar are also available, including:

  • Loss Reserve Adequacy Through the Cycle: A Primary Company Perspective
  • Managing Insurance/Reinsurance Portfolios Through the Cycle
  • Exploring the Impact of Auditors and Rating Agencies on Underwriting Cycles

Access to sessions is free for meeting attendees. This extends the value of event registration by allowing attendees to benefit from sessions they were not able to attend on-site. Access by individuals who did not attend these meetings can be purchased for $25 per session or $149 for all of the sessions.

Visit the University of CAS to learn more. At UCAS, education is just a click away!

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