Future Fellows - December 2011
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CAS Is CERA Award Signatory

In October, the Treaty Board for the CERA Global Credential unanimously approved the CAS as an award signatory. The CAS may now begin to award the Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) credential. The global CERA Web Site contains details about this international designation.

The CAS is in the process of implementing its CERA credentialing process. The CAS requirements to qualify for the CERA designation are:

  • Meet all requirements for Associateship in the CAS
  • Credit for CAS Exams 7 and 9
  • Successful completion of the specific three-day ERM seminar, and
  • Successful completion of the U.K. Enterprise Risk Management Specialist Technical Exam (ST9 exam)
Fellows of the CAS would be required to successfully complete the seminar and the ST9 exam.

The first three-day seminar is tentatively scheduled for March 2012. As they become available, details will be posted in the Admissions/Exams section of the CAS Web Site. The seminar will cover ERM learning objectives tested in the ST9 exam in order to prepare candidates for successful completion of the exam.

The next administration of the ST9 exam will be held in April 2012. ST9 syllabus is available on the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ Web Site. There will be a special registration process for those taking the ST9 exam to fulfill the CAS CERA requirements in order to bypass the requirement to be a student or member of the Institutes and Faculty of Actuaries to sit for the exam. Details will be provided in the Admissions/Exams section of the CAS Web Site. The CAS registration deadline will be earlier than the deadline for Institute and Faculty students and members.

For a transition period, the CAS is pursuing a second path to CERA. The Experienced Practitioners Pathway (EPP) would permit the CAS to award the CERA designation to its current members who are leading practitioners of ERM who, by their experience, have demonstrated the level of knowledge and understanding comparable to, or surpassing, that achieved by other CERA designees. Details on EPP will be released as they become available.

In announcing the CAS’s right to award the CERA designation, Ralph Blanchard, the CAS President, wrote, “Our recognition to award the CERA designation and our eventual credentialing of CAS members will help strengthen the standing of qualified CAS members in the field of risk management."

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